11 Reasons Newsjacking Should be Part of Your Communications Plan

By Cass Bailey

I’ve always loved Newsjacking as a PR tactic. It’s basically the art of identifying something happening in the news and working your company into it. In recent years, it’s also been great for social media, content marketing, email marketing, you name it. If you haven’t figured out how to add it to your marketing mix, here’s a quick list of why you should:

1. It gets you out of your own head. Instead of just focusing on why your company is great, it forces you to listen to what else is happening in the world.

2. Become instantly relevant. Things are happening. Right now. And your company is part of them.

3. Timeliness is next to godliness. Sure, you have a lot of great ideas about how to communicate your messages, but there’s no reason for anyone else to cover them at this very moment. News only lasts for so long.

4. Find relevant reporters and give them what they want. Want to know who might cover this story? Guess what – they already are.

5. #Newsjacking. Want to know what influencers might interact on social media? It’s not hard to find them either.

6. Increase your reach. If you’re fighting terrible reach numbers on Facebook and not willing to pay to play, posting about trending topics may give you a natural boost.

7. Find new audiences. You might just be surprised who comes to your website or reaches out on Twitter when you communicate beyond your usual agenda.

8. Become an expert. Do this enough times and people will start coming to you every time a story breaks.

9. Think on your feet. It’s something we don’t often enough but it gives our brains good exercise.

10. Go a little crazy. Think about the biggest, best things you could do or say to get attention for your company. It’s good to stretch creatively.

11. Have fun! That’s the whole reason we chose to work in communications, right?

Want to see how Slice used newsjacking for a client recently? Check this out.

Conan – Sage Kotsenburg Gets His Bacon Medal
Wall Street Journal – What’s Better Than Gold? Maybe Bacon
NBC New York – The Taste of Victory: Olympic Snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg to Get Medal Made out of Bacon
ABC News – Olympian Sage Kotsenburg to Get Another Medal – Made of Bacon
Plus Dozens More!

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