The Best Ads of Super Bowl LI

Although some die-hard sports fans tune into the Super Bowl every year to watch a battle on the field, the rest of the world is equally as interested in the world’s top companies producing advertisements that are sure to make you laugh, cry, or have some type of strong emotional reaction. The 51st Super Bowl produced just that. With over 50 ads being shown in what would be considered ‘prime advertising real estate’, the competition for who has the best commercial was fierce for Super Bowl LI. Some commercials followed suit in creating hysterical cameos, while other companies took a turn and used their ad as a vehicle for political statements.  Here are the top five advertisements of Super Bowl LI:

Budweiser ‘Born The Hard Way’

Shifting gears from their normal ads starring horses and puppies creating memorable bonds that could make anyone shed a tear, Budweiser depicted the story of how Eberhard Anheuser met German immigrant Adolphus Busch and together created the beloved brewing company. Some could speculate that Budweiser’s immigrant story is a timely response to recent executive orders, but the ad was actually created before the most recent political election.

Audi ‘Daughter’

Another company using this ad space to make a political statement, Audi narrates a father watching his daughter (win) a soapbox derby while contemplating how to tell her that women are paid less than men, regardless of education and skill level. The car company’s endorsement for equal pay touches the hearts of many in the country by showing they support women’s rights.

Bai (Bai Bai)

On a lighter note, Justin Timberlake and Christopher Walken starred in the beverage company Bai’s commercial that was inspired by a famous NSYNC song.  As Walken dramatically recited lyrics from “Bye-Bye-Bye”, Timberlake stares seriously at Walken without delivering a single line of speech. Bai’s use of the iconic song draws a close comparison between the word “bye” in the song, to how Bai is pronounced, which created a memorable connection no one will be able to forget.

Avocados from Mexico

Opening with a scene of a secret society, closely imitating that of the Illuminati, group members discuss the accidental spilling of top-secret information, including the exact number of shades of grey, and how the infamous ‘deflategate’ happened.  But the biggest secret of all…. Avocados have good fats that are healthy for you #AvoSecrets!

T-Mobile’s #UnlimitedMoves

Finally, T-Mobile teams up with Justin Bieber, among other celebrities like Terrell Owens, as they show off the history of Super Bowl dance moves. T-Mobile capitalizes on how celebratory football dancing should not be limited just like cell phone data. While endorsing their T-Mobile One plan with unlimited data, Bieber comments on the recent crackdown on football related celebrations is just as ridiculous as phone companies not giving you unlimited cell phone data.