How Writing is Key in Business and Why Millennials Struggle With It

By: Bill Kelso On average managers at a business spend three months each year writing. 80% of managers say their employees need to improve their writing skills. Although, most employees believe their writing skills are much better than what their managers think. So where is the problem? Precise Content Today everyone loves to include exactly what they are thinking when … Read More

Four Steps To Becoming An Industry Thought Leader


Thought leadership is a buzzword that is often tossed around, and while you have probably heard it before, there are several different characteristics a thought leader should have. What we probably agree on is that thought leadership is a type of content marketing where leaders tap into their knowledge of and passion for an industry in order to pass on … Read More

How to Recruiting Talent on Social Media Beyond LinkedIn


With 92 percent of companies using social media for hiring, how are you going stand apart from the competition? Need some pointers to get started? Check out some of these strategies to recruit the best and most qualified addition to your team, outside of LinkedIn.   1. Let Them Know You’re Human Forty-four percent of college seniors said that social … Read More

Press Releases and What Not to Do With Them


Congratulations, you have a press release!  Now, where is Anderson Cooper’s email address – it has to go out today!   Whoa, wait a second! Put the brakes on. Yes, there might be pressure from a CEO, and yes, the your press announcement might be extremely timely, but the “getting it out to get it out” mentality doesn’t really work … Read More

The Importance of Using #Hashtags to Drive Traffic

By: Sarah Kalvaitis Hashtags expand your reach to beyond just your immediate followers.  By using hashtags, you can start, tap into, and engage with new conversations on social media. The more retweets, comments, likes, shares, etc. your social media posts receive, the more visibility your brand will get. Hashtags allow social media sites and users to categorize content, in addition to … Read More

A Perfect Marriage: How to Make PR and Social Media Work Together

At their core, PR and social media share the same goal: Creating communication between an organization and the people it hopes to influence. So, it goes without saying that the two should be working together, not in silos. Whether you’re responsible for both, or your agency has dedicated departments, it pays to understand how the two can work together:   … Read More

How B2B Buyers are Changing and What You Should Do About It

At the beginning of each year, before you set the new strategy or approve the new budget, there is one exercise that is worth gathering all the internal stakeholders for. There are many companies who have never done this work before and they suffer because of it. The best marketers do it at least once a year and prior to … Read More

Utilizing Live Streaming to Benefit Your Business

By: Sarah Kalvaitis You’ve seen it on your Facebook and Instagram news feed. You might have even engaged with a few too, but have you created your own live stream video yet? Facebook Live and Instagram Live are social media features that give users live streaming capabilities. All you have to do is tap the live stream icon and you can … Read More

Slice Communications Launches Pet Influencer Division Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Contact: Cassandra Bailey 202-309-2263 Slice Communications Launches Pet Influencer Division    Public relations and social media agency now offers services to help animals grow their online presence Philadelphia, PA (March 31, 2017) – With the rise in popularity of animal accounts on social media, Slice Communications has announced the creation of a new Pet Influencer … Read More