We are a communications company, which means that we specialize in the creation and delivery of strategic messaging, rather than focusing on branding, marketing, design or advertising. Our specialty is helping companies talk with people in order to compel action that grows businesses. This two-way dialogue is critical because people today expect more from brands than they have before. They expect conversations and participation.

At Slice, we know that both public relations and social media are just two methods for having dialogue with targeted audiences. We believe they work best when they work together.

Public Relations

Media outreach is one of Slice’s primary methods for achieving success for clients. Slice creates and pitches relevant, insightful, and actionable content to designated reporters to reach targeted audiences and achieve measurable results.


Social Media

Social media supports client needs to reach audiences quickly, concisely and engagingly through digital networks. Our goal is to create compelling content that supports and enhances brand messaging, strengthens relationships with existing audiences, and enhances relationships with new ones.


Find out how PR or social media can help you grow your business


When content, public relations, and social media are all working together, we are able to change how a company communicates. This is the most sophisticated approach to modern marketing.


Slice regularly hosts webinars, or Swebinars, as we like to call them.  To gain access to our library of videos, please fill out the information to the right.

Past conversations include:

  • Where Does Content Come From?
  • Three Peas in a Pod: Social Media, Direct Mail, and Email Marketing
  • News and Social Media: How to Get the Most from Both

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