We believe that social media is about people.  It’s not about Facebook or Snapchat or LinkedIn.  Instead, it’s about connecting with other human beings.  It’s about sharing information they need, answering their questions, making them feel good about working with your company, making sure people remember you, or teaching people about a product that can make their lives better.  Good social media marketing is no different than a really fun cocktail party or a really effective networking event.

At Slice, we keep that in mind as we develop and execute social media strategies for our clients in Philadelphia and beyond.  Contact our team of social media experts to help you put together carefully curated strategies unique to your business and audience.

Best Practices for Social Media Marketing

We use the social channels as they’re meant to be used instead of blasting the same posts across every platform.  

    • Facebook – business-to-people; most U.S. adults are on Facebook and they check it many, many times a day for pretty much everything
    • LinkedIn – business-to-business; people are looking for information on products, services, and companies in order to make purchases; they’re also looking to hire or to get hired
    • Twitter – in-real-life (IRL) or listening; people are connecting their live experiences at conferences, events, or on TV with their digital communities; they’re also listening for and joining in on conversations
    • YouTube – learning and entertainment; people are looking to learn everything from how to cook to what the best new stroller is for their baby to how to install a valve correctly; they’re also looking to laugh
    • Instagram – visual; this platform is only intended to share photos, and most people use it to show off what they’re eating, where they’re visiting, what they’re wearing, and who they’re with; B2B businesses can use this to show off their people and their culture
    • Pinterest – lifestyle projects; most people on Pinterest are using it to plan an event, project, or meal
    • SnapChat – short video content; most companies are building their brands by interacting with people by sharing little stories, news, announcements, and fun things
    • Yelp – discovery and feedback; local businesses are often discovered by people searching for nearby places; there is also an important listening component for really great or really bad experiences

Our Social Media Capabilities

Once we’ve developed a solid social media marketing strategy unique to your business that covers both the humans and the social channels, we execute by incorporating a host of capabilities. As your dedicated social media marketing firm, we’ll make sure you’re getting the most out of what’s available to you across multiple platforms. Our capabilities include:

  • Strategy
  • Channel Set-Up
  • Content & Posting
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Community Management
  • Paid Social Media Strategy

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