How to Recruiting Talent on Social Media Beyond LinkedIn


With 92 percent of companies using social media for hiring, how are you going stand apart from the competition? Need some pointers to get started? Check out some of these strategies to recruit the best and most qualified addition to your team, outside of LinkedIn.   1. Let Them Know You’re Human Forty-four percent of college seniors said that social … Read More

Reaching Your Perfect Social Media Audience


Frequency on social media is a dilemma social media marketers face every day. Am I posting too much? How do I strike a balance between being informative without being annoying? How many times a day should I be posting? The answer is there is no right formula. With social media platforms constantly updating their algorithms it can be hard to … Read More

How To Know If An Agency Is Right For You


For some companies, outsourcing your entire marketing efforts or a portion of your marketing mix can be a difficult business decision. From an internal perspective, you may be hesitant to work with an agency because it could limit your control over your marketing strategy. However, the truth is working with an agency provides diversity, creativity and a long list of … Read More

5 Free Social Media Tools To Add To Your Arsenal

When it comes to social media, there’s a myriad of moving parts. Stay focused, get strategic, and save yourself hours of time by adding these 5 free social media tools to your arsenal. Buffer   There are many scheduling tools out there. Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Sprout Social all have free and paid options, as Buffer does. However, Buffer sets itself apart by … Read More

Update: How to Navigate the New LinkedIn Layout

If you’ve logged onto your LinkedIn profile lately, you might have noticed some changes.  LinkedIn has decided to change their desktop experience to make it a “world-class, elegant and sophisticated user experience” with the changes reflecting consistency with more features on the mobile app. The new layout is simple and intuitive, with each element having a specific place on the … Read More

2017 Social Media Forecast

New Year means new trends!  As you know, social media is constantly changing and developing.  Something is trending one day and then you forget about it the next.  However, these four social media trends are sure to stick around and continue to grow in 2017. Live Video Content Live Video Content is on the rise this year!  Youtube, of course, … Read More

A PR Pro’s Guide to Real News

I’ve been incredibly lucky to work in media relations for more than 10 years.  That means I’ve worked with hundreds – if not thousands – of reporters, editors, and producers from a wide range of media publications.  Most of them have operated with integrity and a healthy level of skepticism.  Few have been less than scrupulous.  That’s why I’ve been … Read More

Six Tips for Announcing a Round of Funding

There is nothing easy about attracting venture capital dollars for most companies. But, let’s say that you’ve made it happen or you’re pretty close. You’ve managed to get the attention of investors. Your pitch – in most cases – went well. You answered all the investors’ questions. You made it through due diligence, including all the financial reviews, budgets and … Read More

Best Practices: Creating a LinkedIn Profile Summary


By: Alisa Gross and Jennifer Glassey LinkedIn is the number one social networking platform for professionals. A LinkedIn Profile is your digital resume. You must have one if you are looking for a job or if you are looking to increase your company’s client base. It is where recruiters and other professionals look for more details about who you are … Read More

Six Ways to Optimize Social Media During a Job Hunt


It’s not uncommon to be cautious about your social media presence when you are looking for a job. Some people recommend going completely private on social media; however, that can leave you at a disadvantage. When implemented correctly and strategically, social media can be advantageous to you during job hunting.