Finding talented people with the right culture fit to join your team is one of the biggest challenges many businesses face today.  Everything your company puts out into the world communicates to prospective employees.  

Companies that showcase their values through their content, social media, media coverage, and emails are those who have the easiest time hiring.  This saves tremendous time and money in recruiting and managing turnover.  


Many employees today choose their employers because they believe in the same things.  Unfortunately, many companies are bad at articulating their point-of-view.  At Slice, it is a core part of our messaging strategy for all internal and external audiences.  

In our First Cut Session, we take a deep dive into what makes your company truly, objectively different.  Then we build all our marketing communications campaigns and tactics around it.  We understand the needs and desires of your targeted audiences, including prospective employees, and how they consume news and information.  Then we use this knowledge to get them to want to work with you.

As an added benefit, many customers buy from and are loyal to companies who share their values and highlight the people who work with them.


We exist to get people to pay attention.  It can seem daunting to get the attention of a workforce with many options, including working for themselves.  Our team will create a “surround sound” of marketing communications that will help you grow your team. 

Public Relations

We will create and pitch stories that showcase your company’s story, your good works, and your current employees.  Awards and recognition for being a great place to work will also be part of the PR plan.

Social Media

We will manage your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with a mix of content that works for both employees and customers.

Email Marketing

We will set up an email marketing program that moves prospective employees through a recruiting funnel.  This will include segmenting high-priority targeted potential employees that need to be convinced over time to work for you.  

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