Brand Awareness

People need to know your company exists in order to buy from you.  This is a basic building block of all marketing communications.  It takes many, many different touches today to cut through the clutter and generate attention for your company. 

The good news is that Slice exists to get people to pay attention.  We use two-way communications to help your company talk with people, not at them.  And we do it in “surround sound” using the three primary ways people communicate today.


Not all attention is useful.  Your company must create awareness with the people that will help you grow over the next 12-18 months.  That is why we begin every strategy with persona exercises intended to help us align around the human beings that are the highest priority.  If these people know about your company, chances are they will help you grow.  

To deliver messages that will resonate with these people, we need to know how they consume news and information.  Most people get it in a number of different ways – news outlets, social media, email, conferences and events, etc.  That’s why successfully creating brand awareness necessitates communicating across platforms.  

Our team at Slice develops campaigns and tactics designed to get and keep attention in a very busy world.  It’s how we got our name – we’ll help you cut through the clutter.  


Our focus is on two-way communications, meaning media that thrives on conversation.  We also partner with companies that specialize in branding, brochures, billboards, websites, etc. 

  • Public Relations – We will have conversations with reporters to get you covered in the news, which is known as the most trustworthy media with the biggest reach.
  • Social Media – We will manage your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest,  etc. to have daily conversations with your customers, employees, supporters, and others.
  • Email Marketing – We will ensure your brand is regularly in the inboxes of the people that matter the most.  Specific and compelling emails will get a response and start a conversation.
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