Lead Generation

Lead generation is all about creating new opportunities.  Sometimes those opportunities are for sales, but that is not the only type of opportunity that helps a business grow.  New strategic partnerships, new centers of influence, new investors, and new supporters can all move the needle for a company.

At Slice, we focus on creating two-way conversations that generate new opportunities.  This is not a straight-line transaction.  The sales funnel is now a sales pretzel that takes many twists and turns as an aware person becomes an interested person, who then becomes an engaged person.  Strategic marketing communications can help people enter this path, stay on it, and move through it.  


Many businesses focus their marketing efforts on people they want to become customers.  There is a subset of those who are likely to become customers.  And there is a further subset of those who are most likely to be the best customers with the highest total lifetime value.  Those are the humans that should be the highest priority for all marketing communications efforts.

Our team will work with you to do the thinking necessary to put in place a strategic road map for finding and engaging the highest priority targeted audience.  We will meet them where they are and deliver messaging to them in “surround sound” as they move through the sales pretzel.


We exist to get people to pay attention.  This is the first step in getting them to express an interest in supporting your company.  Keeping their attention over time requires ongoing communication. 

  • Public Relations – We will work with reporters to communicate the benefits your company provides to customers and the community.  Benefits-focused communication can be the most compelling for lead generation.
  • Social Media – We will manage your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. to drive people to your website where they can learn, express interest, or buy.
  • Email Marketing – We will move people along the sales pretzel with ongoing, proactive messages and education that help them make decisions. 
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