Market Research

Competition is everywhere and customers change every day.  Staying ahead of all of it requires regular listening and learning.  The good news is that there is a variety of tools for monitoring and testing that weren’t available a few years ago.  Large, resource-intensive market research projects are great investments for rebranding and new product launches, but there is information more readily available for iterative changes.

The tough part is designing interactions to generate learnings that can be quickly turned into new marketing communications tactics.  This is built into the Slice process to ensure you derive value from our engagement regularly.


Our team at Slice uses a variety of methods to serve our clients with new research and insights every month.  In our First Cut Session, we spend time discussing your four competitor types:

  • Direct – They do what you do for the same audiences.
  • Indirect – They do something different than what you do for the same audience.
  • Perceived – People think they do the same thing you do, but they don’t.
  • Partner – Sometimes you compete and sometimes you work together.

With this information in hand, we begin to learn by listening to what they are saying about themselves and what their audiences are saying about them.  We use this to ensure that we are positioning you in a way that is objectively different.

We also listen to your customers, prospective customers, centers of influence, community members, employees, and prospective employees to understand their wants, needs, and desires.


We pay attention to the people that matter the most to you.  Our team monitors what they do and alerts you when you need to make changes.

  • Public Relations – We will talk with reporters and read what they write so you can have your finger on the pulse.
  • Social Media – We will use social media channels, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., to read what others are posting.  We can also design tests that provide feedback on messaging, images, products, and services.
  • Email Marketing – We will regularly reach out to your audiences to ask questions and generate answers that drive strategy.  We also monitor data to see what resonates with them.
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