Thought Leadership

Education is a better, less jargony way of describing what is known as thought leadership.  Quite often, companies will gain new opportunities for growth because they are smart about something that is valuable to their target audiences.

Thought leadership can come in many forms, but it is often communicated through writing or speaking, either live or on video.  Subject matter experts, the sources of much thought leadership, have insights, information, or perspectives to share.


The best thought leadership content is relevant, insightful, and actionable.

  • Relevant – It must matter to the listeners, readers, or viewers.  Too often, companies focus only on selling their products and services instead of solving a problem for someone else.
  • Insightful – It must add something new to the conversation: a new piece of data, a new experience, a new idea.  It cannot just repeat what other people have already said.
  • Actionable – It must provide clear direction of what to do next.  Sometimes that could include getting help or sharing the information with someone else.  Sometimes it requires people get additional information.

In our First Cut Session, we spend time talking about the R.O.W. – the rest of the world.  We help leadership teams get beyond talking about themselves and focus instead on the things outside of the company that could add value to the customer and the community.  This is where the best thought leadership content begins.


We exist to get people to pay attention.  Thought leadership is only as good as the people who receive it.  We ensure that it is delivered through two-way conversations that provide the best ways to connect with this content.

  • Public Relations – We will work with reporters to educate their readers and viewers on topics that best suit your subject matter experts.  We will also find opportunities to present their insights live at conferences and events.
  • Social Media – We will manage your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest,  etc. to connect with people on topics that matter to them, leaving them more informed.
  • Email Marketing – We will ensure that the most compelling content is delivered directly to the audience most likely to benefit from it.  
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