DonorPerfect Fundraising Software aims to help nonprofits succeed through online fundraising, donor engagement, and donor data. Their data-driven software provides nonprofits with the tools they need to make a positive impact in the world. In an effort to increase social media engagements and conversions, they turned to Slice for paid and organic social media expertise.


Slice’s paid social media strategy began with a comprehensive analysis of the past ads that DonorPerfect had executed. From here, Slice was able to identify six key target audiences that could be valuable leads, such as nonprofit leaders, competitor audiences, and fundraising professionals. For these ads, we focused on leveraging content that was actionable and would be beneficial for nonprofit professionals, such as guides and blogs. 

Slice’s organic social media strategy began with an audit of DonorPerfect’s channels to establish the strengths and weaknesses of their current plan. From this audit, we developed several campaigns to increase social media engagements with customers, potential customers, and employees. We focused on employee spotlights and feel-good nonprofit success stories. Through these unpaid campaigns, Slice was able to increase organic social engagements by 99%. 


This resulted in over 8 million brand impressions, a 99% increase in organic engagements, and a 60% increase in social conversions over a period of one year.