Getting people to buy online is hard if you’re anyone other than Amazon.  There are two big secrets to success: highly target the right people and get them to buy again and again.  This means really understanding their demographics AND their psychographics. The best customers are the ones that really want or really need what you’re selling.


Our team at Slice Communications always begins with the audience.  We use public relations to create awareness for what you’re selling, social media to educate and move people through the buying process, and email marketing to get them to buy repeatedly.  You’ll benefit both from new customers and an increased total lifetime value of your customers. Throughout the engagement, we’ll provide insights into how the audience is changing, what compels them to buy, and where to find growth.  


  • Strategy – Our team works to develop a “surround sound” effect for your marketing communications. We deliver product and service information through many different channels to create frequency that leads to interest and eventually to purchase.
  • Content – Selling online has a number of challenges, including the uncertainty of buying something not experienced in person.  That’s why visual content must be rich. We make recommendations about visual, video, written, and experiential content to break down those barriers and remove doubt.  While we do not execute all types of content ourselves, we have strong partnerships with experts across the country.
  • Public Relations – There are multiple ways to get media placements for eCommerce companies.  Sure, the products themselves may be media worthy, but so may the founder’s story, or maybe the way the products are made or procured.  We mine all the potential newshooks we can and then pair them with newsjacking to ensure that coverage is ongoing. Throughout, we also work to receive links back to the eCommerce site when possible in order to make buying easy for those interested.
  • Social Media – We have strong organic and paid social media experts.  Yes, we can manage an ad spend to increase conversions and reduce the cost per click.  We’re experts at retargeting, custom audiences, and psychographic targeting. We know the ad platforms for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest in and out.  Our organic game is also strong. We know how to collect and leverage user-generated content, make sure customer service is on point, and create conversations with your customers.
  • Email Marketing – There is nothing more powerful for eCommerce than email marketing; it is the most effective for converting interest into purchase.  It is also the most effective for getting people to buy repeatedly. We build, clean, segment, and manage lists. We create funnels, automations, and broadcasts that sell.

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