Family Business

With dynamics like no other, family businesses can have complicated marketing structures and strategies.  We have worked with many over the years, some of which have been in the midst of generational change. Our process is designed to help organizations like these align around priorities so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to marketing.


Many family businesses have long-term client or customer relationships.  The best consider their customers part of their extended family. For that reason, we help all the family members focus on them, their needs, their wants, their pains, etc.  This ensures that everyone involved is putting their interests second to what’s best for growing the company with a smart marketing approach. From there, we set goals that everyone agrees upon and report back on those goals weekly.  For family businesses that are embarking on a new marketing effort, this serves to assure everyone that there is value in the effort. 

  • Strategy – Our strategy work is highly customized by audience, industry, geography, and other factors.  But there is one commonality: alignment. Our First Cut session ensures that everyone is heard. Our research brings objective data to the conversation.  And our recommendations are based on independent experience and expertise. All of this means that the family will get the best for its business.
  • Public Relations – We work with all kinds of spokespeople to best represent their companies and themselves with trade, regional, and mainstream media.  With family businesses, we often spend time training the next generation of leaders to represent their companies well in conversations with reporters. We generate media coverage for their products, services, and future plans for the company.
  • Social Media – Social media is one of the most effective ways to create meaningful, personal connections with people on an ongoing basis.  A smart approach to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest can help drive a family business forward by meeting new customers where they are.
  • Email Marketing – Depending on the industry, email marketing can move people through the sales pipeline, create ecommerce sales, or compel people to attend special events. All of these are meaningful interactions that can help a family business grow.
  • Content – People like to work with people they like.  That’s one of the most effective advantages family businesses have.  Customers like them. For that reason, we are strategic about incorporating messages, profiles, and photos about the family and its dedication to the business, customers, and employees.  For people that value working with family businesses, this type of content, mixed in with relevant, insightful, and actionable sales messages, can create deep interest and loyalty.

simplified. by Slice is designed for family businesses that want to get started with a little of everything. Learn more about it here.

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