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Most small businesses are great at doing a lot with a little.  It’s a strategy that helps many companies survive. But those that want to achieve their revenue goals will find themselves stuck if they don’t get help connecting with new customers.  Word of mouth may drive sales today, but it is not a growth strategy.


Our team at Slice has worked with many small businesses that didn’t want to be small forever.  Our experience spans professional services, technology, retail, manufacturing, and other industries.  We know that small businesses don’t have unlimited time and money. That means making hard choices and prioritizing marketing to people that are most likely to become customers or referral partners.  It also means making the most of every dollar spent.  

For small businesses, there is power in a “surround sound” strategy that ensures the priority audience is hearing from a company over and over again.  This regularity, when used to deliver messages that are relevant, insightful, and actionable, will make the biggest difference in breaking through. Employing this strategy, small businesses can have a big impact.

  • Strategy – Prioritization is the name of the game for small business marketing communications strategy.  We work with our clients to move from marketing to everyone, to really focusing on those people who can most likely deliver growth.  This does not mean that others won’t receive marketing messages and want to become clients and customers. Overtime, as the company grows, so does our marketing effort and the number of targeted audiences expands.
  • Public Relations – Strategic public relations can help a small company punch above its weight.  Getting an article in a regional or trade media outlet, securing a speaking opportunity at an important industry conference, being recognized with an award – all of these things create credibility.  They’re also a reason to reconnect with clients, customers, and referral sources.
  • Social Media – A smart, active presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest can showcase a small business in a big way.  It can also be a very cost-effective way to showcase products, services, and progress on a level playing field with much bigger competitors. 
  • Email Marketing – This is often the most underutilized tool for small business owners who have put thousands of hours into meeting people.  They may have hundreds or thousands of contacts in their email account, LinkedIn profile, or elsewhere. A plan to communicate regularly is likely to turn contacts into opportunities. 
  • Content – Most small businesses want to create regular content. They have the best intentions to blog regularly or get great photos of their products for sharing.  But lots of other things get in the way constantly. We work with our clients to ensure they have something new regularly by serving as their planner, writer, editor, or accountability partner.

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