What It Is

The press kit is a formal index of necessary language and information about a company. Reporters will often “study” the kit to understand the client in advance of an interview and will refer to it while writing or reporting.

Why We Do It

If a journalist is confused about a company or needs to be briefed on key information about a spokesperson before an interview, he or she should refer to the press kit because it presents all the necessary information quickly. In developing the press kit, we often find that companies also value having their most important information documented in a factual way, as well as being able to use the pieces of the kit in other marketing materials. Company spokespeople also find the materials helpful in preparing for an interview or media event.

How We Do It

There are many layers to the press kit, and every company is different. The main ingredients are: editorial bios (which offer up talking points and the career trajectory of spokespeople); a company overview (containing branded messaging, facts/figures and a brief history of the organization); additional company highlights (including a potential timeline); product explanation (if necessary); previous media placements that reflect the company favorably; and any appropriate photos or videos.

All of this is compiled, reviewed and sent to the client. They may go back and forth several times before final approval. The press kit can be taken on the road to trade shows, or emailed (PDF versions) directly to reporters. Many companies also add it to their websites and employee training materials.

Bottom Line

A press kit is often the best way to ensure reporters have everything they need to tell a company’s story.

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