Grace Andrake is the Email Strategist at Slice Communications.

At Slice Communications, Grace has served as the company’s email marketing advocate and has built out the email marketing offerings to help better serve current and future clients. Since starting with Slice, Grace has worked with clients in non-profits, performing arts, leisure and recreation, manufacturing, and more, developing in-depth email marketing strategies to meet each of their businesses goals. Despite working against the notion that email marketing is dead, Grace has found ways to design email campaigns and strategies with intention and thoughtfulness that cause people to pay attention. She continues to serve as the go-to expert for all things email marketing from privacy changes and compliance issues to automations and email trends like personalization. 

Grace’s expertise in email marketing not only brings a unique perspective to finding solutions for business challenges but also allows her to continue to highlight that email marketing is critical to a business’s success. She even started a monthly blog, Email Marketing 101 with Grace, to help showcase email marketing.

Grace has a degree from Indiana University in Public Relations and Business Marketing. After working in numerous marketing fields, Grace found her place in email marketing in which she is largely self-taught and has Email Marketing certifications from Hubspot and MailChimp. Outside of Slice, Grace loves going to concerts with friends and redecorating her apartment every chance she gets. 

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