Staff Accountant and Data Analyst

Liz Becerra is a Staff Accountant and Data Analyst for Grow Small Analytics and works closely with Slice to help them understand their numbers. Her role includes accounting, data analysis, training new employees and solidifying processes to ensure that the company is moving at its full capacity. Liz understands the importance of data and the story that numbers tell. She reviews the data and communicates these stories to the staff in order to help them understand how to move forward.

Liz has a dynamic background with experience in management, payroll, billing, contract accounting, auditing and more. Liz also spent 17 years as a professional dancer, traveling and competing all around the world. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre from Temple University, Liz makes accounting and analysis fun. She enjoys creating a stories and sharing them through videos to help clients better understand their numbers and feel confident in their decisions.

When she’s not working, Liz can be found spending time with her family, taking walks, helping out at her church and reading books.