Enhancing the Twitter Experience: TV Timelines

By Megan Healy

The television experience has changed dramatically with social media. A study by Nielsen found 15 percent of television viewers enjoy TV more “when social media is involved.” On Twitter, users join a conversation by using a hashtag. For example, if you were watching ABC’s Scandal, you would use the hashtag #Scandal to live tweet and talk with others about the show. In the past, tools such as TweetDeck have allowed users to follow a single hashtag, separate of their personal Twitter feed. Now, Twitter wants to manage the TV conversation in a new way. More


Buyer Beware! Choosing the Right Media Database is Essential to Your Media Relations Success (and Your Sanity)

By Slice Communications

Working as a communications professional within a constantly fluctuating media landscape can be challenging.  Every day, reporters are shifting beats or changing publications, while magazines are folding and new digital outlets are popping up.  Without a strong media relations contact and management software tool that is continually updated, easy to use, and allows you to search and extract lists according to a diverse array of factors – like DMA, reporter beat or publication – you’ll be left in the dark. More


Your Devices Are Spying On You

By Katie Barnes

Everyone’s had that moment: when the vacation flight routes you were searching on Kayak came up on the sidebar of your Facebook, or the same jacket you priced on different department stores websites appears in a banner ad on CNN.com. Sometimes it’s a needed reminder to lock down those low airfares, and sometimes it’s an unwelcome nuisance tempting you to buy that expensive coat you don’t really need. More