Sprinkling a Little Cyber Dust

By Dayna Hawco

Every business should consider mobile advertising to be one of the most important pieces in their marketing strategy. People are always on the go and connecting with them, especially on a personal level, can be challenging for companies. Mobile marketing is arguably the closest you can get to the consumer. People are attached to their phones and are constantly using some kind of app, checking an e-mail, or texting.  Mobile marketing allows businesses to reach individuals on their personal mobile device, allowing for more intimate communication. Some companies are dominating the mobile marketing game and using apps like Vine, Instagram, and Snapchat to reach their target in stealth mode. These apps are typically used by individuals, not businesses, but this allows them to expose you to their message without you really noticing it, which has shown to be really effective. More


September Swebinar RECAP: A Cause for Discussion

By Jenni Glenn

During Slice Communications’ most recent live roundtable discussion, we tackled the often sensitive topic of implementing prosocial PR and cause marketing campaigns into an overall communications strategy. The panel was moderated by Slice agency president Cass Bailey and comprised of three industry professionals who collectively possess a wealth of prosocial communications experience in both the nonprofit and corporate sectors: