The Power of a #Hashtag

By Emily Carroll

Social media, an invaluable tool today, allows people to create and exchange information, sharing it across many platforms and areas. The list of what social media offers us is seemingly endless, keeping us informed and updated, but the way Jamie Kelly used a hashtag is different from anything we have seen before. More


4 Types of Content to Consider

By Cass Bailey

In July, we were lucky enough to have some amazing panelists “Hangout” with us and talk content. Jake Stein from RJMetrics, Bill Gullen from Finch, Mandi Woodruff from Yahoo! Finance, and our very own Jenni Glenn, shared stories, insights and data about the power of content. As I moderated, it occurred to me that there seems to be four distinct categories of content, and those companies that do all four seem to be leading the pack. More



By Brianna Rooney

I am sure all of Facebook users’ newsfeeds are being flooded – literally – with videos of friends and family pouring buckets of ice water on their heads to raise awareness and funds for ALS. The #ALSIceBucketChallenge is going viral and for all those videos, the ALS Association is benefiting in more ways than one. According to ALSA.org, the ALS Association and chapters have received $4 million in donations compared to $1.12 million at the same time last year. More