Trying to find “Common Ground” in Ferguson

By Tyler Cameron

It is quite evident that there is a crisis occurring in Ferguson, Missouri. It is not only a civil rights crisis for the country as a whole, but also a public relations crisis of incredible magnitude. Therefore, the city of Ferguson has hired Common Ground Public Relations to handle the city’s media relations department in this time of turmoil. More


“Shark Week” – Taking a strategic bite out of the ratings pie or killing brand credibility?

By Jenni Glenn

Now that Discovery Channel’s much ballyhooed “Shark Week” is over and the promotional feeding frenzy has subsided, let’s take a look at the bloody aftermath. Sure, ratings were impressive. According to the Los Angeles Times, the network’s 27th annual “Shark Week,” which ran from August 10 through 16, reeled in 42 million viewers. And although this year’s programming was only their third best to-date (they snagged 62.1 million viewers in 2010 and 51 million viewers last year), it still managed to set ratings records among women and young men. So, mission accomplished, right?! Not so fast. More


The Power of a #Hashtag

By Emily Carroll

Social media, an invaluable tool today, allows people to create and exchange information, sharing it across many platforms and areas. The list of what social media offers us is seemingly endless, keeping us informed and updated, but the way Jamie Kelly used a hashtag is different from anything we have seen before. More