News Embargoes: Being Broken Since 1940

By Jenni Glenn

News embargoes are broken all the time.  Arguably, the most famous example being the Los Angeles Times’ breach of the Academy Awards winners embargo in 1940.  For over a decade, the Academy had been keeping the annual results a secret until the ceremony, but would give a list of the winners in advance to select newspapers for publication at 11 p.m. PT on the night of the Awards.  The policy continued until the Los Angeles Times broke the embargo and published the names of all the winners in its evening edition, which was readily and easily available to guests arriving for the ceremony. More


How to Spot a Credible Influencer

By Rachel Gordon

As a blogger, it takes time, nonstop effort, and perseverance to establish credibility in an online world. Although many will not admit it, we can all be quick to judge a book by its cover, like when you see a picture on social media and automatically create assumptions. With personal experience in the ‘blogosphere,’ it has been easy to establish what makes an influencer reliable and trustworthy when questioning the product they are promoting. On the other hand, it can be hard to consider credibility with new and upcoming blogs being featured every day. Here are some ways to spot a credible influencer:



Will The Freelance Trend Affect PR?

By Corinne Lee

Over the past few years, the growing freelance industry has become a prominent discussion about the way Americans work and the effect it is having on our industry. Elance, an online staffing agency exclusively for freelancers, conducted a research study showing 6 out of 10 companies plan to hire freelancers in the upcoming year, specifically jobs in sales, marketing, design, writing and information technology. In other words, a significant chunk of America’s workforce is or will soon be affected by the freelance trend.