The @Lyft vs. @Uber Ridesharing War

By Anthony Stipa

Did you know? April is #SliceWestCoast month. Several employees ventured out to Los Angeles, California for separate and well-deserved trips. Besides the sun, we soaked in some important knowledge. More

Twitter PIN

Some Personal Twitter Accounts to Start Getting Free Pinned Tweets

By Kaylie Corallo

We have all seen the random tweets on our timeline from companies we don’t follow.  However, starting now you will also see promoted tweets from high profile people as well.  According to Mashable, Twitter now offers the “pinned” tweet feature for free to prominent figures in the Twitter world.  “Pinned” tweets first began in 2011 for brands B2B to promote their business.  As a user, you will see when a tweet is being promoted by recognizing the little blue check mark on the user profile.  The benefit of a “pinned” tweet is that there is no time constraint to the tweet.  It will always be labeled to as “promoted” on the users page. More

blog SElfie1

To Selfie or Not to Selfie …

By Jenni Glenn

Ahhh, the selfie.  The most overhyped topic in the news since the celebrity-endorsed, “miraculous” weight-loss supplement, Garcinia Cambogia.  Just do a Google search and you will see countless links to selfie stories, selfie songs, selfie apps, celebrity selfies, selfie studies…it’s neverending.  When did this simple, innocuous way of expressing yourself and sharing with friends through social media become so controversial, over-analyzed and – according to some sources – “life-threatening?”