Why Everyone Needs Media Training

By Emily Kanter

Having a media interview or conversation with a reporter can often be very daunting. That being said, there is nothing that prepares a person better for an interview other than media training, which is why Slice Communications recommends that all executives have some type of practice. More

gamergate cover

#GamerGate: Controversy in the Gaming World

By Gabe Castro

#GamerGate, a name given to the chaotic war between gamers, has been brewing since August and the flames refuse to extinguish. GamerGate, which started as a hate fueled rant from a virulent ex-boyfriend erupted into pure madness when gamers began taking #GamerGate to Twitter and using it to express their dissatisfaction with female game developers and the ethics in game journalism. Eventually the hatred-fueled posts on Twitter and Reddit found their way into female game developer’s personal lives. Negative letters, emails and public posts on Twitter led some of the women to flee their homes. More