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Are You Calling Your Blog’s Time of Death Too Soon?

By: Jameeda Rucker

37% of companies believe that blogging is the most valuable aspect of their content marketing plan, according to Content Plus. Of companies who post blogs multiple times per day, 92% hav e reported increased customer acquisition from their blog, reports Hub Spot. It is safe to say that companies have realized that blogs are customer acquisition powerhouses. This still begs the question, how much ROI can organizations gain from a single blog post? Researchers may have come up with findings about the actual lifespan of a blog that could not only change the way that companies value blogs, but more practically how they treat blogs long after they’ve been published. More


Easier Waze to Reach Your Destination and Your Target Market

By: Olivia Kenney

Commuters everywhere have dealt with the frustration that comes with unforeseen traffic, road closures, and high gas prices. It’s not until you hit the road that you learn your route will cause you to be 30 minutes late to work, at minimum. And it’s not until you drive half a mile down the road that you discover gas sold for a fraction of the price from the station you just filled up at. More


Blaze of Glory: The Line Between Reporting and Storytelling in Tragedies

By: Tyler Cameron

“I’ll go out in a blaze of glory,” said the late Roger Ebert in an interview for Tom Brokaw’s NBC Nightly News. He wasn’t referring to his standing as a revered film critic however – he was referring to the heinous Columbine shootings on April 20, 1999. Specifically, Ebert was addressing the mindset of the two killers, whose egregious actions were publicized as a major media event, resulting in the two disturbed young men becoming “famous.” More