Check Your iTunes Playlist. That Means You, Too.

By Jackie Freiberg

If you haven’t noticed by now, throw your iPod on shuffle and wait for the drumroll…

U2’s new album Songs of Innocence has come into the homes and headphones of over 500 million iTunes users as of last Tuesday after they performed at the closing of the live-streamed Apple event to reveal the latest product announcements. Some iPhone users have chosen to automatically download new purchases to their phones meaning it’s already playing without warning, while others who have not chosen that option will still see it sitting in their iTunes library displayed as an “iTunes in the Cloud” purchase. More


Apple Announcement: An Opportunity for Brands

By Brianna Rooney

At 1 p.m. on September 9, Apple CEO Tim Cook began announcing the new Apple products, including the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as the Apple Watch and what each does. More


The “Hitting” Power Behind Media

By Kaylie Corallo

As I am sure everyone who watches the news has heard, now ex-Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has been suspended indefinitely by the NFL and cut from the team after the recent release of a video that shows him physically abusing his then-fiancé, Janay Rice.  Rice was the running back for the Ravens since the start of the 2008 season. More