Executives and leaders join the Board of Directors for an organization they support with all the best intentions. They work hard to support the leadership, raise money, advocate within the government or community, and provide strategic guidance and oversight. But there are other, easier things that Board members can do as well to support the organization, its missions, its team, and its goals.

Cass Bailey has sat on the Boards of Directors and Advisory Committees for more than a dozen nonprofit organizations. In 30 minutes, she will share practical tips, tools, and best practices that any Board member can use to show measurable impact on any nonprofit organization. During this invite-only virtual event, she will show examples, answer questions, and help you make digital advocacy a meaningful part of your Board involvement.

Join us April 2 at 12:30pm – sign up below:

Being a Better Board Member: 5 New Ways to Support Your Nonprofit | Slice Communications Webinar Presented by Cass Bailey

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About Cassandra Bailey:

As the CEO of Slice Communications and a veteran in marketing communications for over 20 years, Cass is a thought leader in integrated public relations, social media, and email marketing efforts. Her extensive experience has earned her recognition in various media outlets and industry associations. Don’t miss the chance to hear her insights.