At our core, Slice Communications exists to get people to pay attention.

As a leading Philadelphia marketing and communications agency, it is who we are as people, what gets us up in the morning, and what keeps us going. Since our founding in 2008, we have been working in the attention business and have helped our clients strategically grow and achieve their business goals.

For the past 14+ years, Slice’s team of social media, public relations, and email marketing experts have moved clients’ target audiences from aware to advocates through our proprietary 5 Types of Attention model. Our strategic focus on attention is what helps our clients achieve and surpass their business goals time after time. 

Getting Attention for Our Clients

From day one, we’re laser-focused on earning the right type of attention our clients need to succeed. Once we define and align our goals, Slice’s strategy experts create a tailored marketing communications roadmap filled with strategic tactics including social media, public relations, and email marketing. Each tactic is designed to earn the right type of attention for each client meeting their target audience where they get their news and information.

What Makes Slice Different

Separate Strategy and Execution Teams

  • Our strategy team kicks off with every new client to understand their target audience, what stories they need to tell, and the type of attention they need to focus on. They in turn create a strategic roadmap for our execution team to take over.
  • Our execution team is composed of dedicated specialists in their respective fields. Our social media, public relations, and email marketing account managers use their expertise to execute data-driven campaigns.
  • Having separate teams helps create internal checks and balances, allows our account managers to continue to learn and grow in their dedicated field, and our strategists to focus on designing and evaluating its success. 

Diversity Advisory Council

  • In October 2020, we launched our Diversity Advisory Council made up of 20+ paid consultants across different industries. The Council brings together business leaders with diverse backgrounds and perspectives who revise and make recommendations on our client work from strategy and messaging to marketing assets.

5 Types of Attention

  • Slice’s strategic approach to harnessing attention was designed by our team, is executed by our team, and continually optimized by our team based on industry trends. That’s because we’re thought leaders in this type of work and we love what we do.

Marketing Communications Books

Why You Should Work With Us

There’s an often unspoken “must-have” when hiring an agency: Reliability. We’ve developed and implemented processes that hold us accountable, allowing our clients to trust Slice’s experts to be a part of their team.

Weekly Scorecard Reporting

  • Once our clients have approved our recommended KPIs, we set goals against them every quarter and present our progress towards them every week. Having consistent transparency and accountability keeps our clients in the loop at all times and allows us to have open conversations about what’s working (and what’s not).

Quarterly Value Reports

  • Every quarter, Slice’s strategy team does a deep dive into 13 weeks of data for each of our clients. They work to identify meaningful trends and audience insights that help guide our longer-term strategy and make any adjustments based on our findings.

Our Core Values

Every team member of the #SliceSquad is hired and evaluated based on our core values.

  • Yes, And” Energy  – This is all about creating a collaborative, positive working relationship with our clients. We’re willing to do anything in our power to find creative solutions to their marketing challenges and to go that extra mile to get results.
  • Goal-Oriented Focus – We are those people who are always setting and achieving goals driven by a clear understanding of our clients’ business objectives. We maintain a laser-like focus on what matters most to our clients and use that focus to guide our decision-making and prioritize our activities.  
  • Co-Pilot Attitude – We work at an agency because we are dedicated to helping people get where they’re going. Being the co-pilot means leading and guiding them, being proactive and predictive, and sometimes challenging their expectations and perceptions. 
  • Always Learning – We believe the best way to stay ahead of the curve is to always to seek out new knowledge, skills, and insights.  We share our expertise by writing our own marketing books, starting a conference that turned into a nonprofit organization (Social Media Day Philadelphia), and launching Slice University, a program that provides team members with education, training, insights, and professional development opportunities.

Get Started Today

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