Slice Communications exists to get people to pay attention to our clients. As a leading Philadelphia marketing and communications company, it is who we are as people, what gets us up in the morning, and what keeps us going. Since our founding, we have put our collective innate need for attention to work for our clients. We are proud that we have helped them achieve their business goals and grow strategically.

At our core, Slice Communications gets people to pay attention. We’re the experts in harnessing the power of “surround sound” communication to turn awareness into advocacy, via our proprietary 5 Types of Attention. For the last 12+ years, our strategic focus on attention has helped our clients achieve and surpass their business goals.

Getting Attention for Our Clients

From day one, we’re laser-focused on earning the type of attention that will make our clients successful. We translate what our clients want to achieve into a customized communications roadmap, which is then aligned with integrated PR, social media, and email tactical strategies. This “surround sound” approach is designed to earn the exact type of attention each client needs from their ideal audience. And our team of experts execute this plan with a level of transparency and accountability that lets you rest easy and assured.

How We’re Different

Slice’s strategic approach to harnessing attention was designed by our team, executed by our team, and is continually optimized by our team based on industry trends. That’s because we’re thought leaders in this type of work and we love what we do.

Our team is split between account managers – each a specialist in their field of practice – who diligently execute each client’s roadmap –  and strategists who design, and then evaluate, its success. This separation not only allows for multiple levels of client support, but it keeps us nimble.

The execution team is composed of dedicated experts who specialize in PR, social media, or email marketing.  They live and breathe their area of practice, which means they’re both knowledgeable and passionate about the work they’re doing for our clients.

Why You Should Partner With Us

There’s an often unspoken “must have” when hiring an agency: reliability. Over the years, we’ve focused on developing processes and hiring experts that allow our clients to depend on us as part of their team. 

  • Weekly Scorecard Reporting – We make sure all of our recommended goals are SMART: specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound.  Once our clients approve our suggested KPIs, we present our progress towards them at each meeting. This consistent transparency and open conversation about what’s working (and what’s not) keeps our clients in the loop at all times.
  • Monthly & Quarterly Value Reports – Our monthly reporting is tailored to focus on analysis and insights, going beyond a surface level summary without sharing an overwhelming amount of data. This means we can apply the key takeaways to our immediate plans. Quarterly, our deeper dives identify meaningful trends and audience insights that guide longer-term strategy.
  • Diversity Advisory Council: At Slice, we believe we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard as communicators. Words matter, which means diverse perspectives need to be represented in everything that we do. That’s why we’ve brought together a committee of business leaders with different backgrounds and experiences to help guide our team and our clients. Learn more about each of our councilmembers here.
  • Our Values – Every team member of the #SliceSquad is hired and evaluated based on our values. We have hustle, really maximizing efficiency across the board. Our client-centric mindset keeps us nimble to meet changing needs. We’re goal-oriented from day one, always focused on the path to our client’s success. This means we’re even a little opportunistic and won’t hesitate to pitch an idea if it aligns with current trends. But in the end, we all embody a FLIP personality: fun, likeable, impressive, and positive.

Contact Us Today

If this sounds like the type of team you want to work with, check out our model for attention to learn more about how our process could apply to you. And if you’re ready to get started, let us know so we can start the conversation.