For over 12+ years, Slice Communications has worked in the attention business. Some call it marketing. Others call it advertising, public relations, social media, or branding. But no matter what you call it, it’s all about getting, keeping, and using attention. That’s why we’ve developed our own original model for the types of attention organizations get.



The Five Types of Attention in Marketing

From our work, we’ve identified five types of attention that all business are striving for:

Aware Attention

Awareness is the first and most important step – without it, nothing else happens. It is focused on generating top-level impressions and putting your organization’s key messages in front of the broadest targeted audience. See how we helped generate aware attention for one energy provider.


Connected Attention

After awareness comes connected attention. These people are interested in what you are saying and want to know more, but are not ready for a full conversation. They often are interested in value-add content and materials. Learn how we helped one hospital get connected attention with their community.

Engaged Attention

Engaged attention is all around starting a conversation. For B2B companies, this can include people who have downloaded several pieces of content or filled out a contact form, while for B2C companies, it may mean someone who asks questions about a product. See how we helped generate engaged attention for one architecture firm.

Converted Attention

Once someone is engaged, the goal is to eventually generate a conversion. More often than not, that would be selling a product, getting a donation for a nonprofit, or signing a new client contract for a service provider. Check out how we helped one eCommerce provider generated sales through a surround sound marketing approach.


Advocate Attention

After the sale, most companies think they’re done. However, there’s more to do — advocacy is the highest level of attention because it feeds the rest. It happens when those who have converted become invested in your success and support your work. For one nonprofit initiative, see how we generated advocate attention to help the Philadelphia community.


Dive into the Five Types of Attention

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