After studying the benefits of ketones and the ketogenic lifestyle, Kegenix developed products using an original formula that would allow people to maintain the ketogenic state for a longer period of time. However, in order to increase sales, Kegenix needed an approach that would leverage their products across several channels.


For any business with the goal of selling products, it is necessary to have a consistent communications plan. Slice developed a strategy that encompassed public relations, social media marketing, email marketing, content, and influencer engagement in order to promote the product in the most effective ways to drive product sales.  

In order to generate sales, we focused on email marketing, since it is found to be the best way to increase sales. Our email marketing strategy included a mixture of both monthly broadcast campaigns and drip campaigns. These broadcast campaigns tied to specific holidays and events that would appeal to our target audience, such as the CrossFit Games, “Christmas in July,” and the end of summer. They also included flashsales to create a sense of urgency in customers. On the other hand, the drip campaigns relied on consumer behavior, such as recent purchases and abandoned carts. Overall, these email tactics were able to generate over $100,000 in sales throughout the engagement. 

To increase the size of their email list, we executed a giveaway around their “Kegenix IGNITE” product. This giveaway, which lasted only 14 days, featured an email opt-in and gathered over 7,000 new addresses, using social media ads as the primary driving force.

Across social media channels, our focus for organic posts was not only to highlight Kegenix products, but also emphasize various aspects of the ketogenic lifestyle to position Kegenix as a relatable brand. In addition, our ad strategy revolved around not only increasing the reach of the product, but also following up and retargeting consumers who have visited their website. Overall, social media ads and organic channel management generated over $40,000 in sales. 

In order to promote Kegenix to media and potential partners and influencers, we began by developing their media kit, which highlighted the benefits of their products, customer testimonials, and product information. With this developed, we pitched media on a range of topics and were able to discuss partnerships with influencers who appealed to a range of new potential customers. 


Our cross channel approach to Kegenix’s marketing and communications strategy allowed us to not only increase sales on their eCommerce platform, but also increase awareness for their brand. Media placements in Reader’s Digest and Women’s Fitness, along with features and partnerships with influencers helped promote the brand to new audiences. Our email strategy kept Kegenix top-of-mind and generated over $100,000.

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