No matter how you Slice it, we support our Slice Squad

Here at Slice Communications, we are a tight-knit team of innovative thinkers, seasoned experts, and opportunistic hustlers. We run our business on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), as outlined in the book Traction. Utilizing the EOS model makes our company extremely goal-oriented and has a high level of transparency across the agency. 

Every quarter our leadership team hosts an all-staff meeting where they share updates on how we’re performing against our business goals as well as finances. The agency’s goals are clear and discussed regularly among the team along with a clear line of processes and accountability to achieve each goal. We also operate using scorecards to track our, and our clients, performance week after week. As a data-driven company, being able to see how we’re performing against our KPIs every week attributes to our transparent culture.  

Our Core Values

  • Opportunistic: We are committed to finding new opportunities for our clients, ourselves, and our company.  Sometimes that means getting creative, and we love that too.
  • Hustle: Everyone on our team gets things done.  We are self-driven to be efficient and effective in our work.
  • Goal-Oriented: We thrive when we set and achieve SMART goals.  We are the type of people who love to check off an item as “done” and celebrate when we do what we set out to do.
  • FLIP: Fun, likable, impressive, and positive.  We know that people like to work with people they like, and we believe that what we do in marketing communications should be fun when it’s done right.
  • Client-Centric: Our clients are at the heart of what we do.  Whatever matters to them, matters to us.

Dedication to Professional Development

Slice University

CEO, Cass Bailey has created a year-long curriculum featuring guest speakers covering a variety of topics from unconscious bias to public speaking, media training, and everything in between to better educate our team.

Monthly internal Lunch & Learns

Here at Slice we never stop learning. Each month a team member leads a session covering anything from industry best practices, teaching new skills, working through common issues, and more.

Thought Leadership Opportunities

All Slice Squad members are experts in their respective fields and we want everyone to know! We work hard to secure media placements and speaking opportunities for our team to share their expertise and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry.

Slice’s Mentorship Program

Slice Communications believes in the power of mentorship. That’s why we offer to connect all of our team members with the best industry professionals in our community. Based on individual goals, professional development needs, and communication style we work to find the best pairing.

Individual Professional Growth Plans

Each quarter team member meets with Cass to discuss their long-term professional goals. Together you figure out what’s needed to reach your goal. Whether it’s leveraging her personal network to find a mentor or getting you a certification, Cass is dedicated to supporting each team member’s growth.

Life at Slice

Team Get-Togethers

We value making memories together. Whether it’s a PowerPoint party, fun Jackbox games, or a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo we think it’s important to take a step away from our work for a fun evening together.

Social Media Day PHL

Founded by Slice’s CEO, Cass Bailey, our team comes together every year to pull off an incredible conference. From the marketing efforts to making sure the conference runs smoothly the day of, we work together to execute an incredible event year after year.

Annual Holiday Party

Regardless of location, our team comes together every holiday season for an evening of celebration and team bonding. Cass secretly plans the party and emails clues every day the week of the party bringing the team together to hash out the meaning of each clue.

Co-working Space

Although we made the transition to working virtually from home, we still want to give our team the option to work in an office. Our Center City co-working office is perfectly located for after-work happy hours and exploring the city together.


Connect with the Slice Squad

Want to learn what it’s like to work at Slice firsthand? Feel free to reach out to anyone on the team with your questions – our inboxes are always open.

If this sounds like the kind of team you want to be a part of, join us!