Lankenau Medical Center


Lankenau Medical Center, a Main Line Health company, has an outstanding cardiology department with leading physicians but a tiny Facebook following. To grow its online community and better connect, they wanted to create a social media campaign that could raise awareness for its expert cardiologists,.


Working with Philadelphia magazine, Slice Communications developed a plan to host Heart Chats with Lankenau cardiologists over the course of seven weeks. Each doctor would talk about a specialized topic and answered questions from the viewing community.

To sign up and ask a question, viewers Liked the page on Facebook, visited the website or Tweeted to @MainLineHealth, instantly growing that community. Over the course of an hour on Wednesday nights, the expert cardiologists and a moderator were broadcast live on the website and YouTube, answering a variety of questions from people who want to learn more about heart health.

After the Heart Chats were complete, they were edited into shorter relevant, insightful and actionable clips to be shared on multiple online channels. Some of the clips were used as interactive Facebook quizzes where participants could win gift cards to Whole Foods for answering. Lankenau Medical Center benefitted by collecting entrants’ e-mail addresses.

Lankenau Medical Center


Over the course of the seven-week Heart Chats campaign, Lankenau Medical Center gained 1,288 new Facebook Likes, 1,369 visitors to the website, answered a number of questions from the community and collected 153 new e-mail contacts. The organization also generated seven new hours of evergreen video content that can be used in many different ways that showcase the doctors connecting to the community.

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