CEO, Cass Bailey teamed up with Chief Strategy Officer, Dana Schmidt to write Slice’s very first marketing communications books. They’ve both dreamt of writing a book for a long time, albeit separately, but both Cass and Dana’s dream is finally coming true with the release of Pay Attention! and Social Media is About People.

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Pay Attention!

Getting, keeping, and using attention is one of the hardest and most important challenges for marketers today. People’s attention is being pulled in a million different directions by social media, podcasts, TV, Facebook/Instagram, family, friends, politics, the list goes on. Marketing veterans Cassandra Bailey and Dana Schmidt have developed a simple model that any business or nonprofit can use to identify which types of attention they need and create plans to go get them. In a step-by-step process, the authors outline the five types of attention, six potential audiences, three parts of messaging, five kinds of content, four bridges to move people, and a surround sound approach to pull it all together. The result is the one thing all brands need today: Sustained attention from the people who matter most.


“If you think a winning message is about you and not your audience, that a one-and-done strategy is enough, that success is mostly about luck, and that rising above the din is just about spending money, this book will set you straight. A crisp, timely, and comprehensive primer on how to stand out in an unprecedentedly noisy world, its thoughtful prompts, compelling case studies, and engaging instruction deliver and then some on the promise of its throughline. You’ll leave it clear on how to not only get more attention for your cause, but better attention that leads to actual results. Highly recommended for marketing novices and pros.” Jill Sherer Murray, TEDx speaker, award-winning journalist, marketer, and author of Big Wild Love: The Unstoppable Power of Letting Go

“Everyone who touches an organization should understand its persona, its purpose, and its modus operandi. Cass and Dana’s synthesized tutorial is the first step toward achieving this objective. Business leaders charged with establishing a communications strategy would be well served to Pay Attention!” Lorraine Ranalli, Author of Impact: Deliver Effective, Meaningful, and Memorable PresentationsGravy Wars; and La Famiglia

Social Media is About People

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok–the one thing that unites them all is that they are used by people, real human beings. Too often today, marketers are focused on algorithms and analytics instead of simply trying to help their company meaningfully connect with the humans that are going to help them grow. This book takes a people-first approach to social media that centers on how to best communicate with others using the social media platforms.


“For every one brand that’s getting it right on social media, there are 100 brands that need help. That’s because we’ve taken the “social” out of it in search of clicks, views, likes, comments, hearts, ROI, and algorithm hacks. What if your metrics tell you that you have the most engaging post of the year, but the comments are all negative? What if a post is average for engagement, but it’s all from your most avid fans? Cass and Dana have put their finger on the pulse of the problem and delivered a thoughtful, human approach to helping practitioners become, well, more thoughtful and human!” Carmen Collins, 4X Social Media Pro of the Year & Keynote Speaker 

“If you believe in putting the values and needs of your customers at the center of your business strategy (note: you should) then this is the book for you. This is a brilliant starting point, whether you are working on the front-lines of consumer engagement as a social media manager or leading a business with a diverse customer base.” James Gregson, Creative Director, Lego Agency, Americas

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