10 Highlights from Social Media Day Philadelphia

Social Media Day Philadelphia 2018 was definitely our best Social Media Day so far! From the captivating speakers to the amazing takeaways and awesome attendees, it was a must-see event. But for anyone who missed it (or anyone who wants to relive the day), here are some of our highlights:

1. Why Social Media is the Best Job in Any Company

Kicking off our list is our opening keynote from #SMDayPHL 2018! As the New Media and Social Engagement Manager for Porsche, she had a lot to say about the importance of social media and the benefits, (such as presenting an entire keynote with memes!)

Key Takeaway: “Sales are great, but nothing is bigger than the brand. The longevity and life span of that brand is what storytelling is for… We use insights to create content that will drive conversations between people and the brand to provide meaningful interactions.”


2. 2018 B2B Marketing Trends

As the Global Brand Strategy Lead at LinkedIn, Peter had a lot to say on B2B marketing trends. Check out our recent blog post if you’re interested in finding out more about his talk!

Key Takeaway: “The first step to changing the way B2B marketing works is with data-driven personas. “Once you understand who your customers are, you can understand what they actually care about.”


3. The Power of Purpose

Why do people support companies? According to Sean Lauer, the Marketing Lead at Twitter, it’s not about what you do; it mostly matters why you do it! To check out more about his experience at #SMDayPHL, check out his interview with Wooder Ice.

Key Takeaway: “Purpose is not about writing a check and donating money purpose is about action and not just talking the talk… Purpose requires a deep seated commitment that’s reflected in everything you say and do. You can’t find purpose on a whiteboard or PowerPoint.”


4. Cheese Tasting

Without our sponsors, this amazing day would not have been possible! And one of our favorite sponsors, the Di Bruno Bros., happened to bring some cheese to make the day even better!

Key Takeaway: With good conferences come great sponsors (and even greater snacks!)


5. Influencer Etiquette

This pup-tastic presentation by Slice’s own Shellie Wass featured more dog pictures than every other presentation, combined, all while talking about the relationships possible between influencers and brands.

Key Takeaway: It’s not about the influencer who has the most followers. It’s about the influencer who fit your brand.


6. Cultivating and Nurturing Influencer Relations Workshop

Speaking of influencers, this workshop hosted by the dynamic duo of Rani Mani & Kathleen Hessert on influencer relations was a hit for attendees!

Key Takeaway: Influencer relations is about the evergreen relationship that is forged and cultivating that relationship. And celebrities influence GenZ – but not as much as friends and peers.


7. Social Storytelling: The Art & Science of Data

We had a blast hearing from the Beyoncé of Business herself, Brandi Boatner, IBM, about the importance of data and its impact on storytelling!

Key Takeaway: “Data should really be the most important part of any strategy you’re creating. You have to make data driven decisions. Data is your friend”


8. Ask Me Anything! A Reddit Case Study

Tom Stanley, the Public Relations & Social Media Manager for the Penn Museum, brought up a different platform that people normally wouldn’t think to use – Reddit!

Key Takeaway: Don’t devalue Reddit – especially since “Ask Me Anything” sessions are an underutilized way to reach out to a wide community!


9. Brand Humor: Use Carefully

One of the best things you can do on social media is use some humor to make more of an impact – but according to Lindsay Patton-Carson, the VP of Customer Engagement for PiperWai Natural Deodorant, you need to start out carefully and definitely get a sense of the room!

Key Takeaway: “Savage is something you earn” when it comes to brand humor. (And avoid slang, please).


10. Reception

After all of the hustle and bustle of Social Media Day, what better way to unwind than to eat some cheese, drink some wine, and network with some of the best in the industry!

Key Takeaway: Even after the conference ends, there is still more to do. Meet new people and form some lasting connections.


Did we miss any highlights? Make sure to take our survey and let us know what other topics you would like discussed next year!

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