5 Common Facebook Questions

Written by: Cass Oryl

We get these common Facebook questions a lot, so we thought we should share our answers with you. What other social media questions do you have?

1. Can I convert a person page to a business page on Facebook without losing my connections (friends)?

When you convert a personal page to a business page on Facebook, there are a lot of limitations and a lot of data lost. Here are the details. That said, you could convert the person page to a business page and then merge the business pages. The problem is that your person page right now has more connections and the one with the most connections will be the acquirer. Here are the details.

What I would recommend in this case is that you spend some time and money getting more connections (Likes in this case) for the business page you want to use moving forward. You can do that in these ways:

  • Make the person page an admin on the business page
  • Have the person invite all her friends to like the business page
  • Have the person page post multiple times a day asking people to like the business page and say that the person page is being shut down
  • Send out non-Facebook communications through the school asking teachers, parents, students, etc. to like the page

Once you’ve gotten more connections there, convert the person page to a business page and merge the business pages. That should make sure you keep all the person page’s friends.

2. Is there a difference between a “like” and a “fan” or are they synonymous?

They are synonymous.

3. Can you communicate with your fans or likes the way you can with a personal profile?

No. You can only post to the business’s timeline, but you can respond to an individual if s/he reaches out directly on the timeline or in the private messages.

4. If you post something to a business page, does it go directly to the news feeds of all your fans or likes?

Sometimes. This is tricky. Facebook recently changed the algorithm that determines what business posts show up for what members of their communities. Here is some info: http://www.reshiftmedia.com/facebooks-algorithm-change-just-cut-your-brands-reach-by-half-so-now-what/. The businesses that post the most interactive content on their timelines will show up for their communities the most.

5. If someone “likes” your post on a business page, does it go directly to the news feed of all of that person’s friends?

The initial Like will show up. The business will not show up otherwise unless the person interacts with the business and then that interaction will show up. Also, if you purchase some sponsored ads, there will be little mentions of your members’ liking your business on the right of their friends’ pages.

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