5 Signs You Need a Logo Refresh

Written by: Jasha Price

Your logo is your company’s face. It is one of the most important components of your brand – setting the standard for your brand’s reputation, marketability and memorability. That’s why it’s important to give it the attention it needs. And to know when it’s time for a refresh. Whether your company has been around for 100 years, leadership has switched hands or you’ve just acquired another company, here are five signs your logo may need a refresh:

  1. Your Logo is Outdated
    • The founding of your company carries great pride and joy, but the beauty of design is that it’s always evolving and what appeals to your target audiences changes over time. If someone can accurately guess when your company was founded just by looking at your logo, it’s time to undergo a facelift.
  2. Your Logo Is Not Adaptable
    • If your logo hasn’t been updated in 15+ years, it may not be optimized for digital mediums like websites or social media. Modern logos need to look good in color and black & white, a unique and recognizable icon needs to be derived from your full logo and your icon needs to be able to work as a button on a mobile app or as a profile picture on a small mobile screen.
  3. Your Logo Doesn’t Represent Your Company/Industry
    • Evolution comes with most business industries. As technology advances, services streamline and audiences’ needs change, your company has had to keep up with all of that. Kudos to you. Ensure your logo is about who your company is today and what you represent now.
  4. Your Logo Doesn’t Stand Out From the Competition
    • Entrepreneurs know that one important way to stay ahead is to know what their competition is doing. Take note of what about your competitor’s logos is appealing to your target market and what you could do better or differently to stand out among the digital noise.
  5. Your Logo Colors Aren’t Effective
    • Based on the emotions you want to elicit from your audiences, choosing the color(s) to draw out those emotions is essential to your overall visual brand. Whether you choose blue to inspire trust or red to stimulate energy or purple to encourage feelings of luxury, the human brain notices color and shape first so this decision is essential.

Are you in need of a visual identity refresh?

If any of these 5 signs resonate with your organization, contact our team of experts to see how we can help elevate your brand reputation and increase its memorability.

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