5 Social Media Campaigns That Used Their Power for Social Change

Many companies are tapping into social media’s power of connectivity to promote change. Check out 5 companies that yielded their social media marketing to go beyond products:

1. Under Armour – I Will What I Want Campaign

Under Armour released a video of professional ballerina Misty Copeland dancing to a voice recording of her rejection from ballet academy. The video emphasizes how she was rejected because of her body type and age.

As she danced, she proved that she was able to overcome the obstacles that were in her way, now dancing for the American Ballet Theatre. In this social media campaign, Under Armour encourages that hard work and dedication can let anyone achieve their goals.

2. Dove – Real Beauty Sketches Campaign

This video campaign had a sketch artist draw women based only on the way they described themselves. The artist then drew a second portrait based on a stranger’s description of the same woman.

The results showed a huge difference between the two sketches, with the first showing far more flaws and exaggerated features. This captured the way we over criticize ourselves and don’t see the beauty that others do. Dove called for less self-criticism and more self-love.


3. Ad Council – Love Has No Labels Campaign

At the 2017 NFL Pro Bowl, Ad Council used the fan-favorite kiss cam to show how love has no labels. The first kiss cam features a man and a woman, only the man leans out of the camera’s view to kiss the man next to him. The video goes on to feature various diverse couples and friends.

This social media campaign emphasized how society tends to judge those who are different when inside we are all the same. The public event and viral video helped spread the message of love and acceptance.

4. Always – #LikeAGirl Campaign

The Like A Girl campaign features young and older girls being asked to do a series of tasks such as “run like a girl.” Their differing responses were overwhelming. The young girls ran as fast as they could, while the older ones conformed to what stereotype dictates.

These comparisons highlighted how the term “Like a girl” is used as an insult. This left audiences with a lasting impression that females shouldn’t be viewed as lesser. It drove home the point that young girls should be empowered, and not lose their sense of self.

5. Vodafone Group – Raising Voices Campaign

This year for International Women’s Day, Vodafone Group released an ad to help end gender inequality. The video featured young girls and boys in various occupational roles, questioning why certain gender roles exist.

Vodafone Group used humor to expose the ridiculousness of gender inequality and to emphasize that women and men alike are capable of accomplishing the same goals.

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