A Perfect Marriage: How to Make PR and Social Media Work Together

At their core, PR and social media share the same goal: Creating communication between an organization and the people it hopes to influence. So, it goes without saying that the two should be working together, not in silos. Whether you’re responsible for both, or your agency has dedicated departments, it pays to understand how the two can work together:

  • Make your press releases social media-friendly. It’s fine if you hate “suggested tweets”, but including your client’s social media info can be just as important as linking to their website. Don’t hit ‘send’ on that press release without adding their handle and any applicable campaign hashtags.
  • Pair it with a great visual. Images not only increase the likelihood that your pitch will be picked up, they gives readers something worth tweeting, sharing, or pinning.
  • Get creative if you have to. Sometimes a photo just isn’t available, but in 2017 that’s no excuse. Did you just write a press release on your client’s 2016 successes? Pluck out your most impressive stats to create an infographic.
  • Find the Right Soapbox. When your client’s “news” isn’t as newsworthy as you’d hope, it may make a great blog or LinkedIn pulse article. Even niche media outlets can have a broad readership, but you have a built-in network of connections who are invested in what you have to say.

As social media grows – and PR evolves with it – the two will become more and more intertwined. Is your company integrating PR and social in an interesting way? Share it below!

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