Diversity Advisory Council – Guest Blog Series with Esau Howard, Aramark

It’s been one year since Slice Communications has launched our Diversity Advisory Council. This committee of business leaders with diverse backgrounds and life experiences have shared their expertise on several projects for clients to ensure all messaging, campaigns, and content is inclusive and thoughtful. 

To celebrate this milestone, some of our Council members shared their thoughts on the importance of DEI in marketing through a guest blog series.

This interview is with Esau Howard, Manager of Internal Communications at Aramark.

As it relates to marketing and communications, what does DEI mean to you?

It means being perceptive of differences big and small, and finding value in the traits that make us unique. Creating a vision that encompasses the experiences and faces of the world that we all navigate daily.

How do you think the role of DEI has evolved over the past year and a half in marketing and communications?

I think it’s evolved tremendously, which in many ways speaks to how slow many companies and organizations were at prioritizing it. With that said there is still much work to be done, but there are many companies that have gone above and beyond to catch up to the times.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is more than just checking boxes, its actively engaging with your workforce, clients, and community in ways that promote meaningful progress and support. There is a noticeable change in not just understanding this, but embedding it within the culture of how we communicate.

Can you share a story that demonstrates DEI and marketing being successfully incorporated? Or an example where it missed the mark?

DEI marketing can sometimes feel performative, and I think the times where the mark is missed tend to be examples where a company or campaign will spend a lot of time and resources to say they’re progressive in DEI efforts, yet nothing tangible to show those claims actually being put to action.

What advice do you have for someone working in marketing and communications?

Understand that promoting a diverse and inclusive culture isn’t just about providing seats at a table, but providing resources and opportunities that allow people to shape the conversations at the table. Take note of things that have worked in the past, and constantly re-examine how those things can be reshaped and improved upon within future context.

Thank you to Esau for participating in our guest blog series. And be sure to learn more about our Diversity Advisory Council.

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