How To Know If An Agency Is Right For You

For some companies, outsourcing your entire marketing efforts or a portion of your marketing mix can be a difficult business decision. From an internal perspective, you may be hesitant to work with an agency because it could limit your control over your marketing strategy. However, the truth is working with an agency provides diversity, creativity and a long list of benefits that you may not be able to get with your internal team. According to Accenture’s “Turbulence for the CMO” report, CMOs are turning to a large mix of agency partners and marketing service providers, outsourcing between 45 percent and 75 percent of marketing activities.

The key is finding the right partner that can elevate your marketing strategy and take your company to the next level. Here are a few tips that will ease some of your fears and make choosing a potential partner easier:

Focus on what you need

One of the things we encounter most from companies is hesitation to make a decision because of a bad past experience. It’s important to take into account that all agencies think and approach things differently. While some are full-service, many specialize in a specific niche. The key is to first look at your company and determine what services will help your company grow. From there, it’s important to look for partners whose skill set and focus will best achieve your organization’s goals.

Agencies are not an outsourced vendor, we’re an extension of your internal team

The best agencies consider themselves as an extension of your internal team. While some CMO’s may fear working with an agency loosens the control they have over their own marketing strategy, agencies view the engagement as a partnership. In fact, having an internal marketing person to relay updates and keep constant communication calls for a healthy, successful relationship.

Let the work speak for themselves

Just as your agency should be vetting you, you should be vetting them as well. Prior to a face-to-face or introduction call, look at past clients and the type of audience they have worked alongside. Make sure that they are asking the right questions and are strictly focusing on implementing tactics that align with your business goals.

Just as with a new hire, finding the agency for your company is important and can be the difference between a successful or a failed marketing initiative. The right agency invigorates your marketing team with fresh new ideas and creative campaigns that will drive your business. When you re-think your marketing strategy, take your time and don’t overlook working with an agency — it could be just what you need to gain a competitive edge in your industry.

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