How to Recruit Talent on Social Media Beyond LinkedIn

With 92 percent of companies using social media for hiring, how are you going stand apart from the competition? Need some pointers to get started? Check out some of these strategies to recruit the best and most qualified addition to your team, outside of LinkedIn.

1. Let Them Know You’re Human

Forty-four percent of college seniors said that social media posts that demonstrate a company culture, like pictures of staff activities, would make them more likely to apply for a job with a particular company. With most companies pumping out content in a robotic nature, it’s important to remind prospects that they don’t lose their identity when hired for a job. Utilize current employees as advocates for office culture, company values, and the overall mission.

2. It’s Called Social Media for a Reason

Sharing and retweeting posts are effective methods for gaining the attraction of top level talent. Engaging with other professionals and sharing their content is a useful organic approach to increase your brand awareness among qualified candidates. Additionally, maintaining active and clean social accounts with high-res imagery and shortened links legitimizes your brand to applicants during their search.

3. Show Some Love to the “Holy Trinity”

Take a step away from the traditional LinkedIn, and focus on the more popular networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Facebook spans over every age group, gender, and ethnicity, and continues to display an extremely high user retention. This network even offers companies a “Job Openings” tab directly from their profile. Twitter allows companies to recruit top talents in 140 characters or less by to attaching photos, videos, and media to a company tweet. Often overlooked as a recruitment tool is Instagram. Instagram allows companies to display it’s culture in ways a platform like LinkedIn can not.

Holy Trinity

4. It’s 2017, Get a Little Progressive

Don’t just limit the recruitment process to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Get with the times and take advantage of some of progressive alternatives, like YouTube. Through YouTube, a company can create a variety of videos devoted to business and branding. A series of video interviews with current employees can be an effective way to emphasize the company’s goals and office culture.


In 2016 alone, 73 percent of professional candidates were successfully hired through the use of social media, with 29 percent citing it as their primary tool for job searches. By remaining active, creating social networks, and utilizing current and progressive forms of social media, your recruitment time and money will be spent in all the right places.

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