International Women’s Day with Jennifer Leonard, AIME

As a woman-owned business, we are honored to share the stories and messages of incredible woman leaders across a variety of industries for our International Women’s Day blog series.

This interview is with Jennifer Leonard, VP of Brand Strategy at AIME.

Why do you think it’s important to celebrate International Women’s Day?

It’s important to celebrate International Women’s Day because women are doing phenomenal things across the globe each and every day. By celebrating, we have the opportunity to shine a spotlight on these global achievements and can truly come together to celebrate girls, women and their allies, while pushing the future of females forward.

What motivates you to be a leader in your industry?

I am motivated to be a leader by the energy and creativity that surrounds me. My industry isn’t viewed externally as the most creative but that’s not true. Creativity happens all around us and it drives me to be a forward-thinking leader for my team, my peers and my industry. Great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere!

Are there any female leaders that have inspired you throughout your career?

I’m fortunate to have had many female leaders to learn from and work with, both in my current role and throughout my career. They have taught me that being a woman doesn’t define your career path – hard work does. I am energized by paying that forward to a generation of younger females who could benefit from this shared knowledge so they can achieve new heights.

What advice or message would you share with young women who are looking to build their careers?

Take risks, but back them up with preparation. I am a notorious rule-follower and my comfort zone is to play things safe, but every once in a while you need to be able to take risks. Looking back, it’s the risks I’ve taken that have defined and catapulted the course of my career.

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