New Year, New LinkedIn Features

Written by: Marissa Bruette

The first few weeks back to work after a nice holiday break can always feel chaotic – especially if the platforms we count on to complete our work change while we were busy celebrating. Although sometimes we digital marketers may curse the ever changing nature of our favorite platforms, several new updates from LinkedIn to their company and event pages seem to be quite helpful. 

Company Pages 

The professional networking platform has released new tools for company pages including a completion meter that will allow admins to tap into a potential increase of 30% page views per week by identifying where the page lacks the proper set up. While this benefits the company page directly, most of the other tools are made with employee engagement in mind. 

Employee Notifications

Company pages can now enable an employee notification so at the click of a button, all employees employed under that company page can be notified of a new post on the company page feed. This encourages employees to share company updates to their personal pages, which will increase awareness of your organization and turn your employees into brand advocates. These types of initiatives help foster a deeper connection between employees and the organizations they work for. 


LinkedIn has now made content creation for company pages that much easier with the Kudos and Team Moments features. This tool acts as a template for content creation surrounding employee spotlights, new hire announcements, great work highlights and more. It can be used as a great way for companies to engage directly with their employees. 

LinkedIn Events

The platform has also launched a new tool that will make it easier for professionals to organize meet-ups and networking events through the creation of events pages. The “Community Panel” will host the events pages and allow users to invite their connections, share the post to their feeds, and spread awareness by allowing users to engage and communicate on the events. The tool also allows you to invite users by targeting them through filters including location, company, industry, school and more. While the new tool is still being tested in some areas, users are still able to join the event communities to which they are invited. The full roll out of this feature should take place throughout 2020.

Admin Perks

If you are listed as an admin on a LinkedIn page, you now have the ability to invite your first-degree profile connections to like your pages. This feature can help build brand awareness and strengthen the network of your page. However, Admins are only able to send 50 invites to like per day to eliminate overwhelming their networks. Another way LinkedIn plans to combat overwhelming its users is by allowing members to opt out of receiving these invites. 

In an effort to streamline the posting process, admins now have the ability to post from their pages or profiles directly on the home page. 

Live Stream

The use of live streams has become an increasingly popular tool in digital marketing. According to AdWeek, LinkedIn will test out allowing pages to use a live stream function powered by third-party tools to “help pages reach the right audiences across different languages and locations.” LinkedIn has reported that pages who have used the live streaming service have already seen an increase in engagements including 24 times more comments and seven times more reactions than compared to regular video. 

These are just a few of the features LinkedIn has rolled out to improve its platform with a focus on company and events pages. In the past, LinkedIn has focused on enhancing UX through LinkedIn Messenger changes like linking your calendar availability and the ability to send video

These changes all enhance the platforms ability to build stronger communities by strengthening your connection to your network. We’re looking forward to seeing how people and organizations take advantage of the platform in the new year. 

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