Slice Communications Launches Pet Influencer Division – Press Release

Slice Communications Launches Pet Influencer Division
Public relations and social media agency now offers services to help animals grow their online presence

Philadelphia, PA (March 31, 2017) – With the rise in popularity of animal accounts on social media, Slice Communications has announced the creation of a new Pet Influencer Division. Animal and pet accounts have been a recent craze for millions of Instagram and Twitter users, making these newly famous pets in need of expert advice for handling their public relations and social media efforts.

“Frankly, we’re bored with humans; they’re so passe,” said Cassandra M. Bailey, CEO of Slice Communications. “The next wave of social media is all about animals, so in order to stay ahead of the trend we decided to develop services just for them. We have a dog-friendly office and after consulting with our four-legged team members, we decided we wanted to create a department just to address their unique needs. Pets are the new celebrities. Say goodbye to Kim Kardashian and hello to Kitty the Cat.”

To help launch the new division, Slice Communications has signed its first five pet influencer clients to the public relations and social media agency:

  • @ralphiethecockapoo – The 6-year-old Cockapoo likes to show the world how to enjoy the best New York City has to offer, including snuggling up with his owners. He also shares with his 55.9 thousand followers the cool places he gets to visit like the Hamptons and Washington DC. Ralphie is planning a dogs-only version of A Christmas Story for Netflix.
  • @juniperfoxx – Juniper is a North American Red Fox that was adopted by her owners at just five weeks old. Juniper is a sassy lady that loves @boyfriendmoose and is pictured with him on her Instagram account. Juniper enjoys painting with her paws and snacking on the occasional fox-friendly treats. Her next move will be to host an entertainment segment on the Fox Business Channel.
  • @kelly_bove – Meet Envy, Zain and Trek, three rescue Border Collies that are loving life in Pennsylvania. Their Instagram account chronicles the three best buds happily living their lives with their loving rescue family. Envy and Zain love waving to the camera and giving doggy hugs to each other, while the newest member Zain is learning some tricks from his older siblings. Taking the obvious next step into the music industry, the trio will release its first album in early fall.
  • @fatboyrudy – Rudy is a Philadelphia local who was rescued from inside a wall. Although Rudy once lived a hard life, today he enjoys the comfort and love from his owners and a home where nobody judges him for only having half a tail. Rudy enjoys napping in the sun and occasionally dabbles in some kitty yoga. His new fintech company is bringing personalized wealth planning to self-made cats nationwide.
  • @lizzie.bear – This Golden pair, Lizzie and her little sister Ally, light up any social media feed with their big personalities. The dynamic duo love taking afternoon naps, playing fetch, and being photographed by their mom. Lizzie and Ally always enjoy exploring a new location together. They have launched their own branded line of white wines and will be presenting at the Aspen Food & Wine Festival this summer.

According to a recent study by Mars Petcare US, about 65 percent of pet owners post about their furry friends on social media an average of two times per week. Sixteen percent post more than four times per week, 33 percent said they post about their pets as much (and as often) as they do about their human family, and 13 percent admitted to posting about their pets even more than they do their human family.

“Ruff, ruff, bark,” said Michael D’Antonio, Director of Client Services at Slice Communications. “To translate, our community knows that animals on the internet are much more attractive and effective than children. However, there is an entire industry of child actor managers. It needed to change, and we’re excited to be the agency to do it.”

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