5 Questions with Chasity Cooper

Chasity Cooper: Community Development Director of HerAgenda.com

The Director of Digital Community Development and Programming is responsible for managing Her Agenda’s subscription platform, #theAgenda. Moderating more than 200 members sounds daunting, but through leveraging the community management tool Slack, Chasity has developed an efficient process that further allows Her Agenda’s brand affinity to flourish.

What makes Slack stand out from all the other efficiency and collaboration tools? 

What I love about Slack is that it makes collaboration instantaneous. Gone are the days of sending an email with an attachment, or waiting for approval up the chain of command on a document or image. With Slack, I can connect with my colleagues and problem solve in real time–cutting out that need for an additional email response to clog up my inbox.

Slack communities are growing rapidly across various practices. What companies or industries work best (and do not work at all) with Slack communities? 

I consider myself a creative storyteller, so definitely any industry that focuses on creating digital, design and communications-based content. Specifically when it comes to sharing timely news, Slack makes it simple for my co-workers and me to respond quickly to something on social media, or to share a document for review quickly.

How are you using audience data and insights to inform editorial strategy?

Data, when I do use it correctly, allows me to listen to the needs of my audience across social media platforms and our website. When there’s an increase or decline in readership or engagement, I don’t take that lightly and will look for ways in which to provide them with better, more timely content in the future.

What is the lesson you wish you learned at the beginning of your career? 

Ask all of the questions–but particularly, how your workflow can make your boss’ job easier. Go that extra mile and be completely and utterly thorough with your work. Often times, I would make my own “executive decisions.”

What do you predict for the branded content space in the future?

Micro-influencers are (still) going to be the drivers or branded content. Social media users are going to recognize (if they haven’t already) how to use where they are to connect with the brands that they are loyal to. Additionally, I think that brands are realizing that the more authentic the source of the content, the more likely they will be able to build stronger followings and get more people to act.

Curious how Chasity cultivated a community through Slack? Learn more about her Flash Talk and the SMDayPHL conference here!

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