Cipperman Compliance Services


Cipperman Compliance Services (CCS) is leading the industry in outsourced compliance services. Todd Cipperman, CEO of CCS, consistently creates and shares thought leadership blogs and resources through the brand website, but without a strategy to leverage this content the website wasn’t seeing a high amount of traffic, and traffic from social media was nearly non-existent.


With a 3 month goal to build brand awareness, grow social community, and position CCS as a thought leader, Slice began optimizing the company’s blogs for Twitter and LinkedIn while consistently sharing these blogs across the platforms. Slice also began running targeted ads with key messages to drive users to the CCS website and blog.


During January 2017, the final month of this three month experiment, Twitter was the number one source of traffic to the, driving over 1,800 people to the website during this time. From November 2016 – January 2017, LinkedIn was the fourth highest source of traffic, after direct, Google, and Twitter.