Elwyn, the internationally recognized nonprofit human services organization, turned to Slice Communications to develop and manage strategic communications to support the launch of their organizational transformation. 

Since 1852, Elwyn has helped people with intellectual, developmental, and behavioral challenges live meaningful lives. In 2019, Elwyn set into motion a major transformation initiative, from its leadership and real estate, to its services. With this new strategic plan, Forever Elwyn, Elwyn was working to effectively grow toward a sustainable future. 

Although this period of transformation is a positive change for the future of Elwyn, the previous administration team had left uncertainty both inside and out of the organization. It was critical that the new spokespeople and leaders of Elwyn had clear, targeted messages to deliver consistently. 


We started our engagement by identifying Elwyn’s key audiences and determined the organization’s Service Triangle would be the highest priority. Our comprehensive plan would communicate Elwyn’s new trajectory to their stakeholders and empower the Service Triangle to believe in Elwyn’s values and vision. 

Through press releases, pitches, and editorial briefings, our public relations efforts focused on laying out Elwyn’s future. We managed media announcements and mapped out key messages for Elwyn’s leadership team. The leadership team was trained on those key messages and how to deliver them.  We developed pitches that showcased Elwyn as the premier human services non-profit organization. 

Samples of Elwyn placements in the Philadelphia Inquirer and NBC10 Philadelphia

For social media, we focused on promoting Elwyn as both a service provider and a resource for the community. Our posting plans contained a strategic mix of helpful content provided by Elwyn, along with third-party articles that kept their digital community in touch with everything happening in the industry. Additionally, in order to drive interest in careers and the people who support Elwyn’s mission everyday, we executed an employee spotlight campaign. These posts were often some of our most successful, as they gave followers a more personal view into the organization.

For email marketing, we focused on sharing Elwyn’s news and updates to keep their far-reaching community engaged. We focused on sending out monthly newsletters that highlighted Elwyn’s successes and upcoming events, along with initiatives and events such as Elwyn Day. Additionally, we set up a welcome series to engage with any new subscribers and provide them information about Elwyn and how donations would benefit the organization.


Through competitive analysis and strategic planning, Slice Communications developed a comprehensive plan to communicate Elwyn’s new trajectory to their stakeholders, and empower the Service Triangle to believe in Elwyn’s values and vision. By combining public relations, social media, and email marketing, Elwyn’s key messages reached their most valuable audiences in over 10 million earned impressions across platforms. 

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