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With over 630 million registered members in 150 countries, LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful platform that enables virtual networking – something that has become even more valuable in the wake of “quarantine.” Even before COVID-19 hit, wealth management firm Haverford Trust recognized a need to develop a social media plan, for both a corporate presence and for employee advocates. 

Given the highly public nature of social media and the compliance requirements of the financial services industry, Slice was tasked with outlining roles, a launch timeline, a content strategy, and an approval process. Through this process, Haverford aimed to leverage LinkedIn as a recruitment marketing tool while also taking advantage of its ability to increase brand awareness of the company as a community partner.


We began by creating a strategic roadmap that outlined the roles, processes and timelines needed to get a LinkedIn account off the ground. One of the first steps involved performing a competitive analysis to evaluate how comparable wealth management firms were handling their LinkedIn accounts. Based on those findings, and after a thorough social tool audit, we created content guidelines and developed a streamlined process for publishing said content.

We found that while third-party content can increase engagement on LinkedIn, it’s challenging to navigate the regulations involved. To ensure compliance with FINRA, we developed language for Haverford’s “Terms of Use” and created comprehensive checklists to review all non-proprietary content. 

After several months of formalizing policies and procedures, we got the greenlight to begin posting. Using our calendar template and content recommendations, the internal marketing team at Haverford saw an incredibly successful public launch.


Slice analyzed the first two months of posts from Haverford’s LinkedIn and compiled reports that captured the impressive results: By September 2020, Haverford was seeing up to a 27% engagement rate on their posts and earning up to 14,000 impressions each month. Site traffic confirmed this quality, with visitors from LinkedIn spending the longest time on site, having the highest number of pages per session, and demonstrating the second lowest bounce rate compared to other traffic sources.

Most notably, we confirmed that several LinkedIn followers visited Haverford’s site to explore any open positions at the company, proving that even our early efforts were assisting in the recruitment efforts.

Haverford’s LinkedIn account continues to affirm the organization’s thought leadership, building upon its reputation as a trusted institution and attracting ideal candidates.

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