Jose Garces


Jose Garces is renowned internationally as a James Beard Award-winning Iron Chef and successful entrepreneur. However, after years of running a successful restaurant empire, Jose wanted to reinvent himself and embrace trends and new opportunities in the industry. Our team at Slice worked with Jose throughout the strategic process of launching his personal brand, including a new website, along with two new ghost kitchens. 


Our team worked closely with Jose personally to reinvent and reestablish his brand.  We quarterbacked an effort with a graphic designer, website team, and other agencies to help Jose create messaging and imagery that articulated his point-of-view about the future of the restaurant and food industries. Working carefully with Jose, we created a voice and tone that was both authentic to him and attractive to potential sponsors, partners, and investors.  

To maintain his new presence and reimagined identity, our social team focused on developing content plans that spoke to each of his audiences.  Ranging from his traditional audience that knew him for Iron Chef and his pre-existing restaurants, to a new generation who were just beginning to cook more frequently, to potential sponsors, partners, and investors. We knew a carefully curated plan would help Jose generate the attention he needed, so our team built a content strategy that incorporated new tactics from his existing work. 

Leading this content plan was an original Cooking Show through YouTube and IGTV, highlighting some of Jose’s favorite recipes. From there, we focused on helping launch his new restaurant concepts that existed beyond the traditional dining experience, and providing additional support to his long-standing restaurants. To do so, we coordinated with long-standing and new partners to ensure content reached the right audiences.

Early on, we recognized that there is a lot of competition in the celebrity chef world.  Jose was different in that he was returning to his roots to do what he really loved – innovating new Latin-inspired concepts built on a legacy of authentic hospitality. By positioning Jose as an industry innovator, while also making him more accessible to online communities, his social media presence evolved into one that was diverse and dynamic enough to support the variety of projects he continues to pursue.

Garces Social Media Samples


Since we began working with Jose, his digital presence has grown more than it ever had before. His social media following has organically grown by 8.3%, and his content blend of engaging videos, restaurant updates, and news garnered over 1.3 million organic impressions in less than a year. By promoting his videos on a mix of platforms, including Instagram Reels, IGTV, Facebook, and YouTube, he garnered 90k organic views.

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