PHS 2021 Flower Show


Slice was engaged by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) for help with social media management and engagement for their first-ever outdoor Flower Show in June of 2021. Specifically, PHS was looking for help with managing Flower Show content that appears on the organization’s social media channels, engaging with audience questions and feedback on the event through social media, and organizing and maintaining an influencer program to maximize the Show’s online presence.


For the 2021 Flower Show, it was important for the Slice team to develop engaged attention with PHS’s target audiences. Developing a clear line of communication through strong customer service was of high priority to ensure a positive experience for Flower Show attendees. We also streamlined our influencer program to guarantee their priorities were clearly defined while also giving them creative freedom to engage organically with their designated audiences.  

As with any successful marketing campaign, Slice needed to start with a strategy to determine our target audiences and overall approach for the next few months leading up to the Show. 

With a comprehensive strategy outlined, it was time for Slice’s team of experts to get to work on executing. Leading up to the Show, we executed cross-channel organic and paid Pinterest plan development highlighting exhibitors, vendors, and ancillary programs to drive ticket sales. We also had to develop a plan for on-site content creation to capture behind-the-scenes content, as well as week-of postings highlighting the array of exhibitors, vendors, and more throughout the Show grounds.

As with any event, especially one held outdoors, you always need to be thinking ahead as issues can arise at any moment. Slice implemented standard operating procedures (SOP) for customer service, with responses for both negative and positive attention online. We were also tasked with “spur-of-the-moment” customer service response when an unexpected storm hit the region and caused the Show grounds to close down early. 

The last, yet one of the most integral components was creating an influencer program. We wanted to include a variety of influencers throughout the region ranging from plant experts to mommy bloggers to tap into their unique follower base and encourage more attendance to the Show. Starting with outreach to our predetermined list of influencers, Slice led the change in managing and serving as the point of contact for all influencer-related matters to ensure they arrived onsite on time and generated the content as promised in our agreement.  


Through our weekly scorecards and monthly value reports, Slice was able to track our efforts and determine whether we were on or off track to hit our ticket sales goals and made adjustments accordingly. We were thrilled when we reached our social-driven ticket sales goal prior to the first day of the Flower Show!

Overall, our organic social media efforts promoting the 2021 Flower Show resulted in over 1.7 million impressions, 93k+ engagements, and an increase of following of over 7,000 across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Our paid efforts on Pinterest, with a focus on reaching a younger audience, generated over 1.5 million impressions and over 1,600 clicks back to the Flower Show website. 

We also saw great success with our influencer program. Overall, we engaged with 36 influencers with a combined following of over 5.73 million resulting in over 9 million potential impressions, 485k+ video views via Reels and TikToks, and 105k+ engagements!

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