Robard Corporation


Robard Corporation creates programs and products scientifically designed to help patients lose weight and eliminate medications and comorbidities. They offer physician support and resources that make effective obesity treatment programs that are easy to launch and sustain over time. Slice Communications worked with Robard to launch a social media marketing campaign to increase brand awareness, community engagement, and website traffic with a focus on industry conferences.


For each conference, Slice executed a promotional campaign aimed at increasing the number of people visiting the Robard booth, as well as overall brand awareness and engagement. We kicked off the campaign by announcing the conferences Robard was attending through organic social media posts. Then, we enhanced our efforts through paid social media ads across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

Slice attended the first conference of the season to analyze the conference experience, personally interact with the target audience, and help Robard establish their conference presence. We engaged with the attendees both in person and on social media to create brand awareness and make meaningful connections by live-tweeting and posting photo updates. We invited attendees in person to stay connected with us through social media.  

After the conference, we followed up across all social channels with key takeaways and messages. Using the recommendations and learnings from previous conferences, we prepared for the next conference and started promotions again.


In just four months’ time, our cross channel social media approach to Robard’s marketing and communications strategy allowed us to increase brand awareness by 190%, engagement by 1220% and clicks to web by 1233%.

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