Yards Brewing Company


Yards Brewing Company, which has brewed its ales locally in Philadelphia since 1994, is committed to quality, community, and sustainability. With everything that Philadelphia has to offer, Yards recognized that people don’t have to go far to get away or get together with friends, family, or neighbors; people can have the time of their lives right in their own backyards. This commitment prompted Yards to start the Summer in Our Backyard, a campaign designed to encourage community engagement and participants to enjoy a fun, relaxing summer.


Slice used both PR and social media efforts to get the word out about the “Summer in Our Backyard” campaign. To enter into the contest, participants took photos with their favorite people, pets, or beers, and tagged it #BackyardSummer on Instagram and Twitter. The goal of Slice’s social media efforts was to drive as many submissions to the contest as possible within Yards’ designated target market. To enhance results, Slice monitored and optimized social media ad spending on a weekly basis. Slice used Woobox, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ads, and reviewed the data weekly to determine the optimal spending to be used on ads. Slice’s PR team wrote a press release and pitched it to local media outlets in order to generate buzz about the campaign. Our efforts resulted in placements in a number of local and trade publications.


The integrated strategy of social media and public relations was successful for the Summer in Our Backyard campaign. Slice’s social media team monitored campaign success based on the number of clicks per ad. Overall, there were 12,807 visits to Yards’ website from social media ads, with Facebook leading the way. Additionally, Slice’s PR team was able to secure placements in the Philadelphia Business Journal, NBC Philadelphia, and Brewbound about the Summer in Our Backyard campaign, which allowed the messaging of the campaign to reach the targeted audience.

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