Great companies are the ones that identify and plan for issues.  That is why our crisis planning efforts begin with issues identification.  We will offer the company a list of typical situations that it may face and from there brainstorm issues unique to you.  Then we will rate and prioritize the issues to identify those most likely to occur that will have the biggest impact on the company.  From there, we can start plan development.

Each of the top issues will receive its own plan, handbook, and materials.  Underlying philosophies, approaches, and best practices will be included that can be applied to similar types of events.  The materials may include standard operating procedures as well as draft landing pages, press statements, social media posts, talking points, email broadcasts, and location signage.  

Crisis plans are only as good as the people executing them.  Therefore, we host workshops for relevant staff to ensure they comprehend the plans and materials available to them.  They will have the opportunity to ask questions and provide insights that could be incorporated into plan revisions. We will design and execute table-top practice sessions to create meaningful working relationships between the parties and identify where breakdowns may happen. These practice sessions are invaluable to organizations that take preparation and risk management seriously.

The Slice Communications team can offer real-time crisis response if and when necessary.  Our team of PR, social media, and email marketing experts can and move into action swiftly because we will know the business well.  We can be quick and flexible as a situation develops and is managed.


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