Diversity Recruiting Lead, Vanguard

Kristy Lynn Purnell, MBA graduated from Drexel University with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and obtained her master’s in business administration from American InterContinental University. Kristy comes with years of experience, having started her career in sales, consulting, and training prior to joining Vanguard. In earlier years, Kristy worked in Technology Sales and Business Development at organizations such as Primavera Systems, Inc., Oracle Corporation, and SunGard Availability Services.

Since joining Vanguard in 2017, as a Prosci certified Change Management professional, she has guided and delivered change management for critical business programs. She also developed and implemented a marquee all leader program, providing a structured and cohesive learning environment to help leaders increase their confidence to lead, empower, and develop employees through a multitude of changes during large scale transformation. In addition, she is currently an active and working member of three local boards and is involved in programs that drive empowerment and personal and professional development for Black youth, business professionals, and entrepreneurs.

In her current role, Kristy manages the black talent strategy as a Diversity Recruiting Lead for Vanguard. Kristy maintains close partner relationships with the HBCU ecosystem to increase brand awareness, build a diverse talent pipeline, and find opportunities to help alleviate the inequity gap for underrepresented students.

Networking, building relationships and making great connections to help others, has always been a part of her God given purpose. Her networking skills and ability to make the right connections presented opportunities to partner with small business owners and entrepreneurs, teaching networking workshops and providing social media, branding, and opportunities to join a few boards.