What It Is

This is the discovery session we use with all our new clients. It typically takes 2-3 hours with key stakeholders. We use this opportunity to ask questions in order to learn all we need to know about the company. The information we gather is used as the basis for the strategy.

Why We Do It

We don’t have six months to get to know our clients. They are growing fast and so are we – speed is one of things that they really like about us. So, this session helps us get all the information we need to develop a thoughtful approach and get started immediately.

How We Do It

The First Cut Session has four parts: audience, business, competition and industry. We put the audience first in order to create context. Public relations and social media are not about the company; they’re best when focused on the buyer. We create that mindset from the beginning and use it to guide the rest of the conversation in order to get companies out of the “marketing” mindset and into communications.

Bottom Line

This discovery session is unlike anything clients experience with other agencies. It’s part of what makes us different and enables us to have a actionable strategy from day one.

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