Post-secondary education encompasses a broad range of institutions, but they share marketing and communications challenges: recruiting students, maintaining alumni relationships, attracting and retaining donors, promoting faculty and department research and accomplishments, and building partnerships. 

The Slice team has expertise providing marketing, PR, and communications support to colleges and universities, including HBCUs, as well as other educational institutions. We complement that with our experience with nonprofits, social change organizations, and companies with leading-edge R&D. 

Our approach to college and university clients begins with respecting the reputation and traditions that define the institution, and using that perspective to understand the needs of its departments, schools, and programs. We can then develop strategies to deliver measurable results, and align those efforts with the institution’s goals and mission. What makes students choose you from the countless options competing for their attention? We help to communicate the unique personality, opportunities, programs, and history that sets you apart with the people who need to know the most. Slice’s proven process and strategic approach to creative storytelling ensure that the right messages reach the right people, where they need you to be – leading to lasting success that continues as students become alumni and donors. 


Colleges and universities are multifaceted organizations and their marketing efforts require precision. Our strategic process identifies specific target audiences – the best people to reach – and our Five Types of Attention model moves them from attention through engagement to advocacy.
Thought Leadership
The range of expertise on campus creates an ideal opportunity to use thought leadership – including articles and op-eds – to get attention. We work with subject matter experts to identify opportunities and develop guidance to attract the right kind of attention from the right audiences.
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Advocacy – the  use of stakeholders’ existing social networks to strategically create conversations around a brand, organization, or cause – is almost custom-made for colleges and universities. Yet, many of them underestimate the potential waiting to be tapped within their faculty, staff, and students. 
Our unique approach to Employee Social Advocacy (ESA) for colleges and universities coordinates teams of professionals matched with the institutions’ marketing representatives to identify goals and develop strategies.Our Student Social Advocacy program is based on our award-winning student internship program, taking it beyond other advocacy programs. We work with the university to identify student social advocates and onboard and train them as Slice interns.