How to Create + Promote Thought-Leadership Content Every Week

When you constantly produce new content, you make following your business easier for people. However, the sticking point for most people is the fact that creating content is challenging and time-consuming. Additionally, sometimes people do move forward with creating content, but it’s not promoted, not shared, and not read.

That can be frustrating and discouraging!

Client work, family activities, and a million other items are constantly hitting your to-do list. You couple this with not knowing how to get attention for your content, and many people give up just as they’re getting started.There are a few simple tips that’ll teach you how to create and build your content – what we call your “thought-leadership repository” – on an ongoing basis without falling behind, dragging your feet, or stopping. Additionally, we’ll illustrate the many ways to promote your content, establish a following, and even generate media coverage for yourself or your business. By the end of this e-book, you’ll be itching to create new content for the world to see. And if you stick to the suggestions provided here, you’ll make creating content systematic and successful in generating a following — both from fans and the media alike.

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